Turnover Tuesday: Excessive Overtime and Lack of Appreciation Increases Turnover

Turnover Tuesday: Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave “500 to 700 hours of expected OT a year is unreasonable. I spent 2/3 of my life at work. Senior managers never spend that much time at the facility, and when the manager’s nick name is “MIA” because he is never around, it is indicative of a problem.”

The Solution Companies may lose sight of how the accumulation of extra hours each week impacts a person’s energy and commitment to an organization. ExitRight’s norms across all industries show supervision is the number one cause of turnover based upon 120,000 completed interviews. An unreasonable workload ranks 8th in ExitRight’s listing of 13 controllable turnover causes. The combination of supervision failing to notice or appreciate the overtime and the difficulties the overtime created for the individual with their work-life balance, caused the person to seek other employment.

Managers who read such turnover cause comments in the ExitRight findings are reminded of the importance of MBWA, “Management by Walking Around,” and the responsibilities management has to examine overtime practices and workload issues. Exit interviews with HSD’s ExitRight helps you understand the turnover causes so that day-to-day practices may be examined to increase retention, work efficiencies, and commitment of employees.

(Human Systems Development brings you Turnover Tuesday posts every Tuesday. We provide by comments we have received through exit interviews conducted in the workplace. All company names and interviewee names are kept confidential. By revisiting our weekly Turnover Tuesday posts, you can get a better idea of why people leave their company, helping you to reduce employee turnover within your organization.)

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