HSD® Associates

From research to collaboration and design to customer service, the HSD Metrics Team provides support throughout your project to ensure meaningful, reliable data to guide organizational improvement and effectiveness. HSD offers industry leading solutions for organizations seeking to outsource HR functions. When an organization comes to HSD® in need of expertise within the employee management industry, they receive a complete spectrum of services and personalities to fulfill that their needs.

What Our Associates Offer You

When an organization makes the decision to take on a partner for the oftentimes arduous task of outsourcing human resource functions on any level, there are many factors to consider. With HSD, your organization will have a partner that not only ensures that the process is headache free; it will be profitable and beneficial for both your organization and your employees.

At HSD, we strive to bring you the most up to date thought leadership within the human resources world. On top of that, our industry leading employee metrics will allow your organization to track successes and failures within your internal workings and offer you insight into how to better the successes and remedy the failures. We understand that employee turnover is costly and time consuming. With HSD, you’ll find a partner ready and willing to commit to reducing employee turnover while helping you increase employee satisfaction and engagement across the board.

Our expert associates bring years of experience and technological savvy resources to bear on your human resources initiatives. They will work in tandem with your internal department to ensure that your organization and its employees are afforded every opportunity for success possible.


Deborah R. Dwyer, Founder and President

Deb Dwyer
With over 30 years combined experience in human resource management and survey research with HSD, Emerson Electric, Exxon Mobil, and the Mead Corporation, Deborah Dwyer leads her organization with a keen knowledge for outstanding results and exceptional service.

Deborah graduated from the University of Kentucky with honors in 1975. Gathering experience throughout her career, she received her master’s degree in Organizational Development from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 1995, specializing in survey research.

Deborah’s extensive knowledge reaches beyond organizational research to include significant expertise in work climate improvement, retention, hiring and selection, employee orientation, performance management systems, recognition programs, and career development systems. She brings this insight to every client and every project, always striving for exceptional results. Always available to discuss questions and concerns, Deborah enjoys speaking with clients and potential clients about their organizational challenges. You may contact her here.

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