Client Use of Data

Our results provide you with actionable data

Human Systems Development’s primary asset is our ongoing efforts to bring understandable and actionable organizational effectiveness information and retention solutions to your in-house HR team. The knowledge acquired opens many doors for understanding HR hot points such as ethics violations that surface from turnover data, alternative work schedules for work-life balance issues, non-traditional methods of rewarding people, approaches for increasing customer satisfaction, all revealed from examining exit data or survey data. It is with these overarching goals in mind that HSD has built up our extensive database. The human resource metrics that we deliver to our clients is in real time, and will help your organization solve prevalent turnover issues to increase employee satisfaction and bring a level of desirability to your work environment. This level of involvement will encourage employees to remain effective and stay committed to your organization over a longer period of time. Human resource departments across a wide variety of industries have found our data to be invaluable. From the information gleaned across tens of thousands of exit interviews to the differing levels of employee surveys and much, much more, our data is the perfect place for any HR department to begin discovering the solutions to the problems that have contributed to turnover for years. The HR metrics we provide our clients empower them to address issues within their organizations. While we continue this collection of data and the usefulness that it represents for you and your brand’s HR efforts, we prefer to let our clients, past and present, do the talking for us.

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How HSD Clients Use Our HSD Metrics

Findings empower our clients to address issues within their organizations. Read their own words gathered from our clients to see for yourself

The following comments are from HSD® clients, from a wide variety of varying industries. We find our clients use the human resource metrics we provide them in a variety of ways, all being extremely useful with their organization to help with employee retention and reducing turnover.