Outcomes to Expect from Automated Reference Checking

When you are searching for new talent to fill open positions at your company, references can give you important insight into the candidate’s personality, work ethic and drive. For many in-house HR departments, checking references can be a task that requires more time than they have in the day, with all of their other responsibilities. Since reference checking is so important to the candidate search process, investing in automated reference checking services can be a great option. With the help of HSD Metrics® and our ReferenceRight® automated employee reference check services, in-house HR departments and companies can rest assured that each candidate’s references are contacted to ensure qualifications, reliability and their ability to perform the necessary tasks of the position.

What are the outcomes your company can expect from automated reference checking services?

Quick Turnaround We understand that the hiring process can be stressful. However, it is important that each candidate’s references are contacted in a timely manner. With ReferenceRight®, reference checking time can be decreased by over 90 percent. Each candidate’s references will be contacted within 1-2 days and will be asked the necessary questions to help you learn more about your candidates before you make an offer.

Improved Reference Quality By investing in automated reference checking services, your company can improve the quality of your reference checking in general. If you are working with an outside provider, candidates are more likely to provide accurate contact information for their references. Once we contact the references, they provide relevant feedback and the information and reports can be accessed instantly.

Ease of Use When you are looking for an automated reference checking service, it is important that you invest in a service that is easy to use. ReferenceRight® requires no licensing or software purchases and only needs minimal training to operate. With ReferenceRight®, companies can instantly access the reference feedback provided by each candidate’s references.

Are you interested in utilizing an automated reference checking service? Contact HSD Metrics to learn more about our ReferenceRight® automated employee reference check services and how they can help your company make the search process faster, better and easier.

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