Stay Interviews allow you to assess areas of high turnover to proactively address concerns and encourage productive behavior.

Stop Turnover In Its Tracks And Promote Productive Behavior

There are numerous benefits to understanding the motivations and driving factors that determine employee satisfaction and more importantly – retention. Satisfied employees contribute more meaningfully to organizations longer. So how should organizations approach the challenge of ensuring that their employees’ needs are being met? Utilizing a Stay Interview process may be the right course of action. Read on to learn how outsourcing your stay interviews can bring value to your organization and reduce the likelihood of turnover.

The Value of Conducting Stay Interviews:

  • Promote productive behaviors
  • Understand employee sentiment to raise satisfaction
  • Stay ahead of negative trends to curb turnover
  • Raise employee morale – acknowledge their work and input
  • Gather subset specific insights for better management practices

How Do You Retain Your Best Employees?

Companies that recognize that their employees are one their most valuable assets understand the importance of gauging employee sentiment. Organizations that conduct stay interviews can use the results to identify controllable factors to promote employee satisfaction and productive behavior. In addition to the costs associated with reducing turnover through promoting retention, there are costs to underestimating the value of understanding how to retain your best employees, including missed opportunities to retain high performing employees and missed opportunities to address issues in areas of high turnover. HSD Stay Interviews can help you answer the following questions:

  • What motivates your employees to stay?
  • What factors would cause them to leave?
  • What motivates high performance?
  • What controllable factors you can act on to address concerns?

HSD provides a Stay Interview portal that aggregates the responses collected from interviewed employees, giving you the tools necessary to identify general trends as well as isolate specific concerns. These anonymously conducted interviews allow you to utilize the data gathered from candid responses to create immediate plans of action.

Stop turnover before it happens. Contact us today to see how a Stay Interview can benefit your organization.