Learn the Design Process of HSD’s Metric Features

Our unique set of employee metric offerings has a wide variety of functions to make the process of improving employee retention and automated reference checking within your organization thorough yet effective. As part of your project setup, you will be able to create questionnaires tailored to your needs but with the backing of external norms and benchmarks. HSD will provide you with a survey or interview design as a starting point and then you decide on the final content.

With the ability to define demographic and organizational reporting requirements, and even offer foreign language options to those being surveyed, the design of our surveys create an easy to use experience so you have the analysis and metrics to manage your organization’s work climate in order to achieve higher levels of employee retention.

We offer three accommodating data selection methods, including web, paper/mail and phone options, so the individual leaving your organization or the group of people you’re surveying are more inclined to participate. These methods will help your company achieve higher contact rates thus making the project more successful, so you can gather the employee metric data you are looking for. Our convenient instant online reporting of findings is available 24/7.

HSD strives to provide a user friendly setup process that will have you on your way to using key metrics to improve your hiring, retention, turnover, and overall working effectiveness with ease. For more information on the design of our metric features, please contact us today.