Notification Process

Notification Process of HSD’s Metric Features

Gathering important metrics focused on improving the working effectiveness and retention of employees within your organization can be a valuable way to help your company grow and achieve its goals. Whether you are conducting an ExitRight® exit interview with former employees, using Employee Engagement Survey’s for current employees or using ReferenceRight®, HSD’s automated reference checking service, to gather references for a future employee, your notification and data collection options may be customized and selected by your company, allowing you to achieve higher participation contact rates for a successful project.

HSD’s engagement surveys, 360 feedback, and new hire onboarding surveys most often are completed by web, but we are able to accommodate paper/mail return as well. Notifications to participate are sent to the employee’s work email address. If a paper data collection method is chosen, HSD works closely with your human resource staff to find the optimal means of distributing and collecting surveys.

Because there are unique challenges in achieving high levels of participation with exit interviews, former employees are offered three different options for completing exit interviews including mail/paper return, web, and phone. Employers are encouraged to provide ExitRight with employee’s home email address when known, as contact rates increase when notification to complete the interview is sent by email. If the existing employee does not respond to the request within several days of notification, the ExitRight interview team proceeds to contact the person by phone.

ReferenceRight automated reference checking services utilizes emails for notification but phone may also be used when there is no email address option for the candidate or person completing the reference.

These notification groupings can be combined in the order you feel will be most successful to your project with HSD. All notifications explain how identity is protected, while the same interview is completed regardless of methodologies employed, ensuring consistency of responses. Findings for all methods are consolidated and visible at secure web portals utilizing,, or

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