Announcing HSD’s New ExitRight® Demo Video

Human Systems Development is proud to announce the release of a demo video featuring ExitRight®, HSD Metrics’ exit interview system. The ExitRight process has a perfected and methodical system for gathering, organizing and utilizing employee turnover information from exit interviews.

Human System Development provides instantaneous, real-time analytics and reporting tools that improves organizational effectiveness and retention. ExitRight’s reporting tool is easy to use and automated freeing your human resource professionals to utilize their time arriving at solutions.

View the ExitRight® demo video on our website here: or view the demo video on our new YouTube channel here:

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About Deb Dwyer

Deborah Dwyer is the founder and president of HSD Metrics. With over 30 years of combined experience in human resource management and survey research, Deborah’s extensive knowledge reaches beyond organizational research to include significant expertise in work climate improvement, retention, hiring and selection, employee orientation, performance management systems, recognition programs, and career development systems.

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