360-Degree Feedback

Improving Individual Effectiveness

Our 360° Feedback tool captures the full-circle view of important skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors from multiple sources: supervisors, direct reports, peers and others. Through a comprehensive understanding of how others view an individual, an effective action plan is created to tackle that person’s specific challenges.

Collecting 360-Degree Feedback helps you to understand more fully how an employee functions in your company and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Not only is 360-Degree Feedback beneficial to your organization, it is also valuable to each staff member. This data offers each member an opportunity to view themselves from both their supervisors’ and peers’ point of views, offering competent employee satisfaction statistics you can count on. It is often difficult to recognize one’s own areas for improvement, but it is indispensable for that person’s professional development.

The HSD® 360° Feedback Tool provides the following benefits:

Actionable Data

  • Project planning to make the launch and process successful for the long-term
  • Standard and customized behavior based questions focused on desired competencies
  • Targeted performance improvement priorities selected by each respondent
  • Open-ended questions for development suggestions
  • Consolidation of all individual reports annually for strategic leadership development purposes

Web-based Administration Ease

  • Participant’s email address is the only contact information required
  • Through a link to the web site, the Participant logs on, completes the self-assessment and enters the Respondents’ email addresses
  • HSD sends automatic reminder emails to Respondents to encourage completion
  • Multiple languages may be included
  • Paper returns are available as an option

Clear, concise, prompt reporting

  • 24/7 web portal displays total results findings, tracks completion rates and monitors total participant findings
  • Reports are emailed to the client within 48 hours upon receipt of all findings
  • Findings show total results, ratings for each reporting group, comparative chart highlighting differences between groups, improvement priorities and commentary
  • A Guide to Using 360° Feedback is provided to assist in the development of meaningful action plans