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Custom Employee Surveys and Organizational Research: HSD Metrics

As experts in questionnaire design, data collection and reporting, we’re proficient in supporting clients with customized measurement surveys beyond our core offerings.

HSD Metrics® offers custom research and consulting tools that can help your organization function more efficiently and assist in your employer branding efforts. From candidate reference checks to our ExitRight program, HSD Metrics utilizes innovative technologies to collect and analyze a variety of organizational competencies.

When you take advantage of the range of services offered by HSD Metrics, you can unburden your HR department by providing streamlined, custom surveys from SurveyRight to learn about employee satisfaction, new hire experiences, the onboarding process and exit interview responses.

The custom surveys help your employees see surveys as internal efforts. Once issues are identified through survey findings, HSD Metrics may also be asked to facilitate feedback and action planning meetings.

Our SurveyRight offerings can include various elements, tailored to the needs of your company:

Team assessment surveys

These surveys are focused on measuring goal focus, role clarity, team processes and relationships within your company.

Safety surveys

Safety is extremely important. Safety surveys allow companies to measure the work climate for achieving an accident-free work place and employee commitment to safety.

Early retirement and voluntary lay-off exit surveys

By employing early retirement and voluntary lay-off exit surveys, companies can gather employee perceptions about the organization’s effectiveness, ideas for cost reduction and innovation and factors contributing to the exit decision.

Cost reduction and sales surveys

During times of significant change within a company, there can be a need to quickly capture employee ideas for increasing sales and decreasing costs. This makes cost reduction and sales surveys especially helpful.

Job ladder effectiveness survey

Are your employees happy with your company’s internal job ladder? Job ladder effectiveness surveys allow companies to measure employee perceptions of the evaluation and progression process.

Internal customer feedback

Get feedback on many of the shared service functions within your company, especially Human Resources, Supply Chain and Sales Support.

Member feedback for Industry Groups and Non-Profits

Find out what your members are thinking. For industry groups and non-profits, member feedback can help you improve your organization and its offerings.

Customer surveys

Your customers are essential to your business. Measure their satisfaction with your product or service with custom customer surveys.

For more information about how to improve your employer branding efforts with custom employee surveys and organizational research from HSD Metrics, contact us or call HSD at (800) 295-1863.

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