Why Survey Your Organization?

Surveying the employees at your organization is the ideal way to recognize opportunities for growth and to create an action plan for future change. It is also a meaningful way to understand the people who comprise the heart of your organization. More satisfied employees lead to more satisfied clients and customers and, ultimately, a more productive organization. When you outsource your employee surveys, you get more honest, detailed feedback.

A sample of HSD’s Survey Competencies and How They Impact Your Organization:

Performance Management: Do employees understand what is expected of them? Do they receive constructive feedback and incentives or rewards for exceptional performance? If your staff members are confused about their job expectations or feel that they lack feedback or rewards, it may be time to implement strategies to help management more effectively communicate with your employees. Not recognizing performance management issues may result in lost personnel.

Work Efficiency: Do staff members believe that the work policies and procedures help them do their jobs? Do they think that the tools, equipment and technology provided are adequate for their job functions? Surveys are a great way to discover practices that lead to inefficiency and also to garner recommendations for improvement from the people who use those systems the most: employees. Making positive policy and procedure changes, while giving your employees a chance to input their ideas, can save your organization money and time.

Supervisory Effectives: Are employees consistently clashing with their supervisor? Is there a supervisor who is too critical or perhaps too lenient with staff members? Issues with supervisors are a major reason that staff members resign from their positions. Learning about an ineffective supervisor allows you to troubleshoot issues before it leads to increased turnover and lost productivity.

Overall Satisfaction: Do your employees intend to stay with your organization? Do they feel that your company is a positive place to work? Knowing overall satisfaction is very important because a pattern of unhappy staff members does not bode well for the future of your business. However, knowing is half the battle and when you are equipped with the specific reasons why staff are unhappy; you can create and implement a plan of action.

An employee satisfaction survey’s purpose is to get relevant feedback on your business across a wide range of competencies. Learn more about HSD’s employee satisfaction survey and how they can improve your employee’s performance and your company’s overall outlook today.