Benefits of New Employee Feedback

Improve Retention with Employee Onboarding Surveys from HSD

Hiring and employee onboarding is a timely and expensive process. From your first recruiting fair to the date that your new employee is producing at a functional level, a lot of costs are incurred. Advertising, interviewing, paperwork, signing bonuses, and training are only a handful of the expenditures associated with hiring new staff. Considering the expense, it makes sense that your organization wants to do everything possible to ensure that the new employee stays with your company.

However, hiring into a new company has its difficulties. The new hire must get acclimated to other staff members, overcome the learning curve and ultimately feel content with their position. If they don’t they may quit, or not receive adequate training and perform poorly. New hire feedback is the simplest and most effective way to discover how a new hire is adapting within your organization.

Benefits of New Hire Feedback:

Learn details about the candidate’s perception of the recruiting and hiring experience. Did they feel comfortable during the interview?

Discover whether your organization’s new employee onboarding program is effective. Does the new staff member understand their job functions and are they learning how to perform their position effectively?

Gain insight into why new hires’ are drawn to your company. This helps you understand what the perceived benefits of your company are and gives you specific features to highlight during future recruiting.

Improve retention by ensuring that new hires are welcomed into your organization, properly trained and integrated within their department. New Hire Surveys give the staff member an opportunity to offer areas for improvement in the recruiting and training process and to troubleshoot any issues that they are experiencing.

Response reports grouped by: job satisfaction, supervisor support, training and orientation, company policies and processes, help you to quickly recognize trends in new hire experiences.

Measure satisfaction over time. When you regularly survey new hires, you are gradually compiling data that can be analyzed over time. This allows you to view whether changes to the recruiting, hiring or training process are improving feedback by new hires or, if perhaps, a new plan of action should be implemented.

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