Why New Hire Surveys

Improve Retention with Employee Onboarding Surveys from HSD

Surveying your organization’s new hires is ultimately about retention. Finding out if a new hire is comfortable in their position, with their supervisors and being adequately supported and trained is critical. If a new staff member feels ill equipped to perform their job, is experiencing hostility or other discomforts with their peers or supervisors, they are likely to quit.

You can gain very important feedback with an employee onboarding survey, which can improve your retention rates and foster happier staff members. One useful goal in surveying new hires is evaluating your organization’s recruiting and hiring process. In this instance, it’s a good idea to survey new employees soon after their hire date so that the experience is still fresh in their minds. With this information, you can uncover new ways to be more effective when hiring.

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The Importance of Employee Onboarding Surveys from HSD

Understanding your organization’s onboarding process is another valuable aspect of New Hire Surveys. Onboarding may be one of your company’s most important procedures considering it includes training and preparing new staff members for their positions. Lack of training and support can lead to a variety of issues down the road including higher turnover, repeated on-the-job errors, inefficiency and confusion. Staff members who are ill equipped to perform their duties will suffer in their day to day tasks and the company will suffer overall.

When you choose HSD for your employee onboarding surveys, you get comprehensive results that you can easily turn into an action plan. Making the necessary changes within your organization’s onboarding process can help new employees adapt to their jobs faster and reach a level that is productive and capable sooner. On the other hand, not recognizing onboarding issues can eventually lead to a workforce of mediocre, undertrained and frustrated individuals.

Improve your company’s employee retention status with employee onboarding surveys. Contact HSD today!