Many employers understand that data from exit interviews can reveal turnover causes, but few employers understand the power of using the data to prevent turnover.
We’ve conducted millions of exit interviews for clients across the globe throughout our 30+year history. Your exit data identifies the WHERE, WHEN and WHY associated with turnover, but that is only the beginning. One natural next step for many of our clients is to implement short, targeted start or stay surveys after dissecting the data and visualizing the drop-off rates within 30-60-90-etc. days into the job. By asking employees about the key issues uncovered during the exit interviews, employers get a continuous pulse, a chance to recalibrate their programs and give employees a chance to reach out if they are considering leaving the organization. This trigger gives HR professionals an opportunity to work with the employee before they leave and in turn, reduce turnover and attrition cost.
We want you to have the tools to decrease turnover and increase engagement in your organization. Check out the Step-by-Step HR Guide to learn more.

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