Private-Labeled Employee Survey Solution

Skip the prep work and focus on what’s important, increasing your firm’s revenue.

Launching an employee feedback survey requires well-researched questions, optimal delivery processes, secure data storage, and a way to efficiently analyze the results in order to understand the areas of opportunity.

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Increase insight, increase revenue

Our solutions* arm you with accurate and actionable insight enabling you to develop a strategy that improves your client’s employee engagement, retention, and performance while increasing your firm’s bottom line.


New Hire Surveys

Onboarding is a timely and expensive process. Our StartOffRight solution features onboarding feedback questionnaires for new hires, allowing a better understanding of newly hired employees.


Engagement Survey

Recognize areas of improvement to motivate your employees utilizing honest and detailed feedback from your staff. Our SurveyRight solution features an employee engagement questionnaire designed to find the engagement opportunity areas of your current workforce.


Pulse Survey

Stay interviews have risen to prominence as a key part of an organization’s employee retention strategy. Our StayRight solution strengthens employee retention and utilizes our comprehensive stay interview.


Leadership Assessment

Understanding how each employee functions and what their strengths and weaknesses are can be challenging. Our 360°Right solution captures the entire view of an employee’s crucial skills, knowledge, and sentiment from multiple levels within your organization.


Exit Interviews

Determining why employees leave your organization helps you uncover the most critical opportunities for employee engagement. Our nearly 30-year ExitRight solution features our Employee Exit Interview which gathers the most honest, detailed, and valuable feedback.

*Our solutions can be used in tandem with one another, or ala carte, providing you the maximum amount of customization.

Simplifying employee data


Monitor patterns and trends without extensive training and installation for quick opportunity identification.


Compare against industry norms by accessing our 29 years’ worth of data from a wide variety of industries.


Leverage multiple capture methods to increase response rates and decrease the time it takes to receive the data.


Our Private label survey solutions give you complete control of the employee feedback experience. Customized questions, survey delivery methods, dashboards, and reports allow the perfect fit for each client all within our secure, audit-passing platform.

Robust Reporting

Automatically generated reports free you up to concentrate more on strategy and less on pushing pixels.

Tailored Questions

Ask customized-specific questions and receive the answers your clients need and want the most.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Increase response rates by leveraging our Email, SMS, phone, and mail survey delivery methods.

Dynamic Dashboards

Real-time dashboard results showing an overview of both the survey results as well as delivery and completion rates.

Let's Work Together

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