About HSD Metrics®

The HSD Metrics Advantage

Human System Development (HSD) Metrics survey platforms cover the full employment spectrum from entering to exiting the organization. Metrics are provided to improve employee, team, and organizational performance. HSD Metrics HR outsourcing services capitalize on current technology to capture and report data for immediate 24/7 access by our clients.

Reacting to clients’ needs for accurate, rapid, cost-effective solutions, HSD Metrics continuously innovates its reporting features and technology.

Through a passionate dedication to customers, design, and continued innovation, HSD Metrics is the leader in providing the greatest value for understanding employee perceptions based on facts. Our surveys and questionnaires save you time and money by eliminating the myths and guesswork that often derail improvement efforts.

A partnership with HSD Metrics, on all of your HR outsourcing services, will not only save your organization time and dollars, it will offer the solutions that you need to hold onto valuable talent.

We understand that the process of hiring and training can be in-depth and expensive. We also understand that losing that freshly hired talent to a competing organization or a completely different industry is not only costly, it is incredibly time-consuming. To effectively move forward within your market, you need to understand how to retain your employees. With our employee retention offerings, it’s possible to measure everything from candidate references, onboarding, employee engagement and turnover.

The History of HSD Metrics

Design Excellence, Client Focus, Consistent Growth

Since 1992, Human Systems Development® has used survey guided, fact-based data to help organizations of every size measure and achieve high performance-high retention work cultures. Beginning with employee surveys, HSD Metrics has evolved and expanded its human resource metric offerings to include new employee on-boarding tools, 360-degree feedback, and the powerful ExitRight® exit interviews, thus making HSD Metrics the go-to resource for companies seeking the very best in outsourcing services for retention and improved organizational effectiveness.

External Benchmarks

By 1996, HSD Metrics had accumulated enough responses to establish an external database of norms for question items. This database of over 600,000 respondents continues to grow annually, providing insightful benchmarks and an extensive question library. This continuously expanding thought bank is now at your disposal. By partnering with us, your organization will be able to take full advantage of our unparalleled understanding of your specific employee measurement requirements, thus saving you time, money and talent. Our industry leading human resource outsourcing services will work in tandem with your internal efforts, allowing you to understand your employee’s thought processes and manage your brand’s internal workings much more effectively.

With the launch of ExitRight in 2002, and the constant updates that have followed, HSD Metrics has extended its metric offerings to include retention through exit interviews. This move dramatically increased our offerings and value to companies seeking a partner who offers outsourcing services for an on-going turnover information system utilizing the ExitRight process. Now, tens of thousands of exit interviews later, HSD Metrics is able to provide clients with external benchmarks on controllable turnover causes and acquire information on what the new employer offered, thus helping those companies gain the insight necessary to develop retention solutions.

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From question design, notification and data collection through reporting, the HSD Team provides support throughout your project to ensure meaningful, reliable data to guide organizational improvement. Our experts include:

  • Questionnaire design and survey project management
  • Organizational development consultants
  • Client support specialists
  • Data gathering experts
  • Research interviewers
  • Statisticians, analytical, and reporting resources
  • Webmasters
  • Information technology staff
  • Data entry technicians
  • Translators
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Through a partnership with HSD Metrics, your organization can garner every insight possible from the thought leader in employee/brand relationships, allowing you to understand this new brand of employee, one who focuses more on the challenge, rewards, and flexible work options than they do on longevity. Understand what this shift in employee thinking means for you and your organization, and then turn that shift to your advantage with HSD Metrics. Call us at (800) 295-1863 or contact us today through our website.