Measure every stage of the employment lifecycle.

Our survey solutions equip your organization with the metrics needed to improve the performance of employees, teams, and your overall organization. Allowing you to capitalize on available technology to capture and report data for immediate 24/7 access is our number one priority.


Reacting to clients’ needs for accurate, rapid, cost-effective solutions, HSD Metrics continuously innovates its reporting features and technology.

Through a passionate dedication to customers, design, and continued innovation, HSD Metrics is the leader in providing the greatest value for understanding employee perceptions based on facts. Our surveys and questionnaires save you time and money by eliminating the myths and guesswork that often derail improvement efforts.

A partnership with HSD Metrics, on all of your HR outsourcing services, will not only save your organization time and dollars, it will offer the solutions that you need to hold on to valuable talent.

We understand that the process of hiring and training can be in-depth and expensive. We also understand that losing that freshly hired talent to a competing organization or a completely different industry is not only costly, it is incredibly time-consuming. To effectively move forward within your market, you need to understand how to retain your employees. With our employee retention offerings, it’s possible to measure everything from candidate references and onboarding to employee engagement and turnover.

EST. 1992

We’ve been providing organizations with fact-based data to help them measure and achieve high-performing, engaged work cultures with our survey solutions.

Our solution offerings allow you to measure each significant moment of an employee’s lifecycle from beginning to end.

Beginning with our employee exit interview solution, ExitRight, HSD Metrics has evolved and expanded its human resource metric offerings to include new employee on-boarding tools, 360-degree feedback, and the powerful exit interviews, thus making HSD Metrics the go-to resource for companies seeking the very best in outsourcing services for retention and improved organizational effectiveness.

In 2023, HSD Metrics and TiER1 Impact joined forces to provide a comprehensive suite of data and consulting services to improve employee experience, recruitment, engagement, and retention.



Our database of over 3,000,000+ respondents allowed us to establish an external database of norms, which continues to grow year over year, providing insightful benchmarks and an extensive question library. By partnering with us, your organization will be able to take full advantage of our unparalleled understanding of your specific employee measurement requirements, saving you time, money, and administrative burden.



Our industry-leading solutions work in tandem with your internal systems and processes, allowing you to understand your employees on a deeper level while freeing you up to focus on the important things much more effectively.

What we offer

Question design, real-time notifications, data collection, and reporting, we’ll provide your team support throughout the entire project to ensure reliable data that guides organizational improvement.

Our solutions include:

  • Questionnaire design and survey project management
  • Organizational development consult
  • Client support specialists
  • Data gathering experts
  • Research interviewers
  • Statisticians, analytical, and reporting resources
  • Webmasters
  • Information technology staff
  • Data entry technicians
  • Survey translation


Through a partnership with HSD Metrics, your organization can garner every insight possible from the thought leader in employee/brand relationships, allowing you to understand this new brand of employee, one who focuses more on the challenge, rewards, and flexible work options than they do on longevity. Understand what this shift in employee thinking means for you and your organization, and then turn that shift to your advantage with HSD Metrics. Call us at 877-439-9315 or contact us today through our website.

Our Team

From research to collaboration and design to customer service, the HSD Metrics Team provides support throughout your project to ensure meaningful, reliable data to guide organizational improvement and effectiveness. HSD Metrics offers industry-leading solutions for organizations seeking to outsource HR functions. When an organization comes to HSD Metrics in need of expertise within the employee management industry, they receive a complete spectrum of services and personalities to fulfill their needs.

When an organization makes the decision to take on a partner for the oftentimes arduous task of outsourcing human resource functions on any level, there are many factors to consider. With HSD Metrics, your organization will have a partner that not only ensures that the process is headache-free; it will be profitable and beneficial for both your organization and your employees.

We’ll bring you the most up-to-date thought leadership within the human resources world. On top of that, our industry-leading employee metrics will allow your organization to track successes and failures within your internal workings and offer you insight into how to better the successes and remedy the failures.

We understand that employee turnover is costly and time-consuming. Our experienced team of experts and advanced technology allow you to accomplish your specific initiatives in a significantly shorter amount of time. We work in tandem with your internal department to ensure that your organization and its employees are afforded every opportunity for success possible.

The HSD Metrics Timeline


HSD is a human resource outsourcing company founded by Deborah Dwyer (current president). Deborah first started the business with one employee and a fax machine. Since then, the company has grown to a team of resources including 4 data management specialists, 12 expert phone interviewers, 2 client services consultants, and 2 senior organizational development resources, and 2 on the administrative services team.

First Employee Survey Launched

Benchmarking of survey data began with HSD Metrics’ first employee survey. In their second year of business they launched the design and implementation of their proprietary software system for employee satisfaction surveys. At this time all surveys were completed on paper while HSD Metrics resources actually gathered the data.

Database Created

An external database of norms for employee survey question items was created due to the number of employee survey responses HSD Metrics had gathered. With over 725,000 collected respondents, this database continues to grow annually. Since HSD Metrics continues to house this data for their clients, they are able to provide an extensive library of questions along with intuitive benchmarks.

360° Feedback Solution

HSD Metrics released their 360-Degree Feedback tool, which focuses on identifying strengths and development opportunities for managers and employees. These opportunities are based on the feedback of peers, leaders, and subordinates. This unique 360-Degree Feedback tool is based on a common set of customized questions that match the organization’s business values and strategies.

Web-Based Survey

HSD Metrics’ first web-based organizational effectiveness survey was launched.

Employee Exit Interview (ExitRight) Solution

The introduction of ExitRight®, HSD Metrics’ proprietary exit interview software, allowed the company to extend their metric offerings to include employee retention. Now – 155,000 exit interviews later – HSD Metrics is widely recognized as the leading exit interview company that provides multiple platforms for completing interviews and extensive benchmarks.

Web Portal Launched

HSD Metrics transitioned to providing web-based services across the entire scope of their offerings.

HSD Metrics launched its first web portal in order to provide clients with instant reporting information on exit interview findings. After this advancement, exit interview findings became available to clients online with 24/7 access. The exitrightnow.com reporting tool has continued to expand its features with access to full interview contents, filtered data, instant red flag notification on ethical/legal matters, download features, anonymity options, external benchmarks, and a vast array of data sets that can be aligned with the client’s unique organizational structure.

The knowledge acquired from the exitrightnow.com web portal was than expanded to HSD Metrics’ employee survey services. No longer would clients using HSD Metrics’ employee surveys have to wait for a report. Due to this, surveyrightnow.com allowed clients instantaneous access to data population once a survey has been completed.

ReferenceRight Introduced

HSD Metrics introduced ReferenceRight, a product that gathers references quickly with instant reporting and helps HR departments expedite reference gathering and reporting on an applicant’s previous work experience and performance.

Enhanced Data Reporting

HSD Metrics invests in business intelligence technology to enable HSD Metrics’ data reporting team to embed broader and more compelling data visualizations of survey and turnover on their client web portal reporting sites.

Exit interview notification methods are established that enable daily term files to be sent to ExitRight® with interviews completed before or after the last day of work, thereby resulting in higher completion rates and lower costs for clients. An enhanced charting feature is added to client reporting dashboards to enable turnover cause comparisons for any reporting group or demographic category. Instant Notification services begin when an exit interview respondent observes unethical, illegal, and unsafe activity.

ExitRight Goes Global

ExitRight® interviews are now conducted outside of the US and Canada with respondents in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. Participation rates are added to the reporting portal to enable clients to better understand methods of completion (web, phone, paper) and completion rates by their customized demographic and organizational reporting structures. HSD Metrics achieves US-EU Privacy Shield Compliance.

ExitRight V2 Begins

Use of ExitRight for compliance and ethical practices expands as the verbatim comments now include analytics for red flag words. Customized words unique to a client may be added to red flag search. Word commentary include Cloud word frequency feature. HSD Metrics begins the first stages of its proprietary software investment (“V2”) which establishes operational, product, and client platforms to enable increased security, significant growth, and expanded reporting and operational functionality for all HSD Metrics survey questionnaires and ExitRight® interviews. Sales Director position established.

ExitRight V2 Completion

HSD Metrics completes the design and testing phase of V2 that replaces all previous work and reporting platforms for employees, interviewers, and clients. Director of Product Services & Operations hired to lead the V2 transition for clients and operations. Survey and exit interview respondents now exist in 48 countries. Lower unemployment rate in USA increases desire for turnover information and retention solutions with the ExitRight product. Retention surveys added to product offerings. Sales grow by 31%.

ExitRight Migrations

Migrations for all ExitRight clients are completed by July 2017. Survey client platforms completed by Sept 2017. Sr. Business Analyst hired to improve reporting capabilities and internal processes.

Joining forces with TiER1 Impact

In 2023, HSD Metrics and TiER1 Impact joined forces to provide a comprehensive suite of data and consulting services to improve employee experience, recruitment, engagement, and retention.

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