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Ease The Transition Of New Employees While Increasing Retention And Productivity.

New Hire turnover can be costly to your business. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports costs of 30% – 70% of the first year’s salary due to voluntary terminations. That’s why orientation and entry experiences are vital; they help set the tone for how well new employees perform – and how long they stay.



Outsourcing your employee onboarding surveys allows your Human Resources Department to focus on more important matters. Additionally, many organizations find that a third party is able to secure more honest feedback from new employees because they do not fear potential internal repercussions. This sincere feedback gives you the valuable information that is necessary to ensure that new staff members are being properly trained and feeling supported in their new positions.

Learn the benefits and process of new hire feedback and the importance of surveying new hires with HSD Metrics. View employee onboarding survey commentary and then contact us for more information or call HSD Metrics at 800-295-1863 ext 101 to improve productivity in your new employees today.

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Interactive Dashboard and HSD Insights Reports

Our Interactive Dashboard is a visual and interactive experience that delivers the essential insights you need to help increase employee retention and engagement.

The dashboard is built with interactive demographic and survey result cards allowing you to drill down and discover outliers with ease. Dashboard views are easily downloadable and can be shared in multiple formats and channels.

4 Steps to Pull and Share Insights:
  1. Select the time period
  2. Filter on key demographics
  3. Download the report
  4. Share with your team and leadership
With our Interactive Dashboard capability, you can also choose to send automatic email notifications to specific users in your organization (leadership, managers, division heads, etc.). The emails, called HSD Insights, will be sent on a consistent schedule, such as monthly or quarterly.
For more information on HSD Metric’s Interactive Dashboard features, set-up, and pricing, please contact us at

New Hire Feedback

HSD Metrics designs On-Boarding Feedback questionnaires for new hires customized to your unique hiring and business requirements. Question items most often focus on:

  • Recruiting and Hiring Experience
  • Orientation and Training
  • Technology, Systems, Work Support
  • Management Support
  • Work Relationships
  • Performance Objectives
  • Workload and Work Life Balance
  • Future Plans to Stay with the Company
Survey Benefits


HSD Metrics Offers a Specific New Employee Onboarding Program

Survey Process


HSD Metrics Provides Questions Designed to Assess a New Hire’s Experience

Survey Results


HSD Metrics’ Examples to Help Envision How Feedback Provides Great Value

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