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No long-term contracts, no software purchases, and no extensive training sessions required. Begin now to reveal immediate actionable feedback from exit interviews and gain insight into ways to improve your employee retention rate. Constant support and consultation are available 24/7. If your organization is ready to understand why employees leave your system, HSD Metrics is ready to help.



One of the fastest ways for a company to erode both trust and expertise is to lose control of its employee turnover. It not only leads to costly employee replacement, but it can also damage stability in the eyes of clients. Financial companies must rely on these characteristics of trust and expertise in order to be of better service to their employees and clients alike.

exit interviews for healthcare


We have helped healthcare organizations across the United States understand their employees better using technology, data, and sound research techniques. We work with hospitals, in-home care, and ancillary organizations to lower turnover costs and improve retention.

exit interviews for education


It’s critical to create an environment where teacher stability and employee productivity are valued. With the goal of student success driving educational decisions, discovering reasons why exemplary teachers and staff leave, along with obtaining a clear picture of the obstacles impeding the school’s mission are essential.


Higher Education

For the academic process to succeed, it’s essential to build a stable environment where students can rely on their faculty and staff members to be mentors and leaders, therefore creating stable relationships. The reasons for turnover at colleges and universities can be endless with research opportunities elsewhere, insufficient funding, heavy workloads, lack of growth opportunities, and low pay.

Human Resource Outsourcing for Hospitality Businesses


HR professionals in hospitality know that finding quality employees is a constant battle, and retaining them is even harder. Wage standards in hotels, casinos, and restaurants are increasing and industry competition is at an all-time high. Therefore, wasting time, money, and resources on hiring and rehiring isn’t an option. High turnover is expected in the industry, so it is crucial to retain your best employees by opening up communication and listening to their feedback.

HR Outsourcing and Data Analytics for Manufacturing


We help manufacturers measure the health of their organizations and achieve higher performance and engagement. With the depth of our manufacturing industry experience, we can help your human resources department monitor morale, find turnover causes, and unearth workforce problems that reduce productivity and efficiency.

Human Resource Outsourcing for Transportation and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

If you’re a human resources professional in the transportation or logistics industry, you know that recruitment and retention are harder than ever. Retirement of long-time Baby Boomer employees, compensation competition, and the changing public perception of transportation jobs are just a few of the issues that make retention a major cost center for the modern transportation business.



We help government entities enhance employee engagement and retention by enabling clients to accurately measure and understand the factors that impact job satisfaction, motivation, and commitment. By actively addressing employee concerns and fostering a positive work environment, we help government organizations build a loyal and dedicated workforce, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and improve overall performance. Our expertise in employee engagement serves as a valuable asset to government entities striving to create an engaged and satisfied workforce.

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