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When you learn why people are leaving your company, you gain a valuable understanding of how your organization functions at every level. ExitRight applies to every employee. Gaining insight and continuous pulsing from all reporting groups, position types, and levels through exit interviews reveals where your company is thriving and where it is struggling.

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HSD Metrics®

HSD Metrics® is your single source for organizational surveys measuring employee perceptions using tools designed to increase retention, engagement, and organizational effectiveness. Our survey services provide organizations with continuous reporting of findings about turnover and survey data with extensive benchmarks gathered from thousands of survey respondents and exit interviews.

Comprehensive, customized surveys with actionable results

At HSD Metrics, your needs come first. To ensure quantifiable results targeted to your organization’s challenges, we combine well-researched questions and a tailor-made approach with proven organizational theories to create surveys and exit interviews that provide definitive measurements that are specific to your company. After each survey is completed, clients have immediate access to the survey results and comprehensive summaries, making it quick and easy to form clear action plans without an additional investment in a consultant for interpretation, feedback, or implementation.

HSD Metrics executes surveys flawlessly by adhering to simple, straight-forward steps that flow with ease and save you time. Our experts support you through every phase of the project, ensuring consistent communication and collaboration.

HSD Metrics - Survey and Exit Interview Services


  • Exceptional interview designs
  • Instant, customized reporting aligned with your organizational structure
  • External benchmarks
  • Red flag/cloud commentary analysis with instant notification of illegal activity
  • Valid and reliable data with high completion rates
  • Notification Services
  • Multiple interview methods; web, phone, paper
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  • Multiple purposes including Engagement Surveys, New Hire Feedback, Severance Studies, Customer Feedback, Subject Specific Topics, 360 Feedback
  • Standard or customized designs
  • External benchmarks
  • Instant reporting portals with robust features for analysis and action
  • Web or paper administration
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  • Electronic references
  • Automated web-based process
  • Customizable questions
  • Instant reporting of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Simple administration and set up
  • Internal position benchmarks and norms
  • High completion rates
  • Quick turnaround for recruiters
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