Improve Engagement, Retention, and Recruitment.

Strengthening your ability to improve employee engagement, retention, and recruitment is important to your organization’s bottom line. Our academically researched, secure, and customized employee surveys and interviews cover the entirety of the employee lifecycle from onboarding to exiting the organization, allowing you to identify engagement opportunities more efficiently.

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Measure the entire employee lifecycle

Our employee survey solutions* allow you to identify engagement opportunities during each phase of the employee lifecycle from start to finish.

New Hire Survey

Onboarding is a timely and expensive process. Our StartOffRight solution features onboarding feedback questionnaires for new hires, allowing a better understanding of newly hired employees.

Employee Engagement Survey

Recognize areas of improvement to motivate your employees utilizing honest and detailed feedback from your staff. Our SurveyRight solution features an employee engagement questionnaire designed to find the engagement opportunity areas of your current workforce.

Stay Interviews

Stay interviews have risen to prominence as a key part of an organization’s employee retention strategy. Our StayRight solution strengthens employee retention and utilizes our comprehensive stay interview.

360˚ Leadership Assessment

Understanding how each employee functions and what their strengths and weaknesses are can be challenging. Our 360°Right solution captures the entire view of an employee’s crucial skills, knowledge, and sentiment from multiple levels within your organization.

Exit Interviews

Determining why employees leave your organization helps you uncover the most critical opportunities for employee engagement. Our nearly 30-year ExitRight solution features our Employee Exit Interview which gathers the most honest, detailed, and valuable feedback.

*Our solutions can be used in tandem with one another, or ala carte, providing you the maximum amount of customization and effectiveness.


With over 3 million employees surveyed from more than 300 organizations over the past 30 years, there’s a reason why today’s top global brands choose us for their employee surveys. Understanding what makes employees productive, engaged and happy is important.

Reducing Global Employee Turnover

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heaters and boilers were in the process of expanding their global presence via the Eastern Hemisphere and wanted to focus on improving employee communication, bolstering diversity efforts, and renewing lean transformation initiatives.

Addressing Insufficient Training

A mechanical engineering firm with a global team of 105,000 experts in more than 150 countries approached HSD Metrics with a need to collect data on the single most important reason employees were leaving their organization.

Driving Change With Exit Data

Every six months, Polly and the rest of her team update key stakeholders on how they are performing against norm values. This allows business leaders to make the right adjustments that decrease turnover and increase productivity.

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