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Our ExitRight employee exit interview solution allows you to collect, view, and understand your employee exit data efficiently so you can improve retention and reduce turnover.


Why Outsource



The ExitRight Process

Let HSD Metrics do the heavy lifting!

When you choose ExitRight for your exit interviews, you’re letting us do the work. Rather than expecting your already busy HR department to track down previous employees to request an exit interview, we contact them directly. You simply provide their contact information, while we handle interviewing and data collection.

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Benefits of Outsourcing with HSD Metrics:

  • Fully outsourced: Gain critical insights without increasing your workload. The entire service is outsourced, including communication with employees, data collection, and reporting.
  • Customized to meet your needs: Our expert team customizes your survey solution based on your needs. Questions and findings are compiled to meet your specific demographic and organizational reporting needs.
  • Candid & Accurate Feedback: Gain accurate, actionable insights because employees often feel more comfortable providing candid and accurate feedback to someone not in the organization.
  • Multi-lingual Capability. We can provide a survey solution for nearly any language.
  • Multiple Collection Methods: Drastically increase completion and insights while decreasing the time to gain insights with options for multiple collection methods including email, phone, and direct mail.
  • Comprehensive insights from both quantitative data and verbatim comments.
  • Red flag alerts. Unethical and illegal activity alerts right to your inbox, as soon as they are reported.
  • Our analytics portal displays findings for all data gathered, external benchmarks, and commentary while also providing you comparison charts, data filtering, and the ability to download the reports.
  • Benchmarking capability with our database of millions of survey results across several industries.


Easy Start & Exceptional Value No expensive licensing, training, or long-term contracts to sign.

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Example Interactive Dashboard Charts

Interactive Dashboard and HSD Insights Reports

Our Interactive Dashboard is a visual and interactive experience that delivers the essential insights you need to help increase employee retention and engagement.

The dashboard is built with interactive demographic and survey result cards allowing you to drill down and discover outliers with ease. Dashboard views are easily downloadable and can be shared in multiple formats and channels.

4 Steps to Pull and Share Insights:
  1. Select the time period
  2. Filter on key demographics
  3. Download the report
  4. Share with your team and leadership
With our Interactive Dashboard capability, you can also choose to send automatic email notifications to specific users in your organization (leadership, managers, division heads, etc.). The emails, called HSD Insights, will be sent on a consistent schedule, such as monthly or quarterly.
For more information on HSD Metric’s Interactive Dashboard features, set-up, and pricing, please contact us at support@hsdmetrics.com.

Past respondent commentary examples

“Management above supervisor can be very demeaning. There are managers that don’t speak to you. Some are not approachable and will appear bothered if you approach them. They reprimand you for talking but they will carry on 15-20 minute conversations with each other. You can hear managers using profanities, discussing other employees and problems or just flat out talking about non work related issues on daily basis.”
“Unfortunately I think that you may have taken someone who was a good subordinate and moved them into a leadership role. He has built layers between him and the staff to go through. His interpretation of company policy is skewed to what should NOT be expected. He has a small system running less than 1000 calls annually but has two supervisors, a schedule person, a uniform person, etc. There are many things missing from the service that is a state rule – he doesn’t understand that EMR is a state requirement.”
“I believe that I was a victim of an aggressive, ambitious manager who saw me as a threat to her pursuit of power. I believe that she instigated my forced “retirement”, which is the “messaging” that is being given to patients and coworkers alike. I am certain that a competent attorney would surely see much of the motivation to my job elimination as the result of discriminatory ageism (I am nearly 65).”
“12-14 hour days because there was no support for staffing, and the hospital keeps taking patients through the ED no matter how it impacts other departments. Constantly holding patients under anesthesia in the OR because of the lack of beds on the floor and inability to move patients out of PACU, or even move our recovering patients to the overflow area in MY department (recovery). The space is monopolized by the CCO to house ER patients waiting for beds on the floor, upwards of 3 days. VERY POOR patient care and definitely impacts patient satisfaction, which the CEO demands we meet. It’s a no-win situation.”


With over 3 million employees surveyed from more than 300 organizations over the past 30 years, there’s a reason why today’s top global brands choose us. Understanding what makes employees productive, engaged and happy is important.

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ExitRight Employee Exit Interview FAQs


How do you suggest we use the data once you have it?
Once you’ve identified your hotspots, you will want to turn that insight into action. The framework we use is Feedback-Analysis-Action-Evaluate-Adjust which is part of our Action Planning Guide.

Over 80% of our clients report that if they are reviewing and distributing the data 1x per month that it creates the necessary action for change that results in lower turnover. We also provide you with our complimentary Action Planning Guide for proven actions you can take in order to help solve your retention problems.

Many of our clients discover that they lose a significant amount of employees within their first 30-90 days of employment. In order to create change, our clients use their ExitRight data and then pair that by using our new hire survey – StartOffRight – to measure the effectiveness of those changes to prevent possible recurring employee churn.

In order to better understand whether or not the implementations you’re putting in place are helping to solve your retention problems, we suggest you sync ExitRight with our new hire solution – StartOffRight for a more complete understanding of your employee engagement health.

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What types of companies do you work with?
Over the course of the past 30 years, we have developed a core set of questions that are adapted, along with our benchmarks, to each industry. We also adapt our model to different size companies. We work with clients of all sizes across the US as well as globally, with as few as 200 employees to as large as 300,000 employees. Typically, when we process about 500 names per client for ExitRight, or in combination with our other solutions, our clients see a 10x return on investment.
What are your methods of gathering exit interview information?
Multiple methods are the key to better response rates. This is why we offer email, phone, mail, and text options. A combination of these options is typically best.

We offer respondents the ability to complete their interviews online or from any mobile device, which is our most efficient and cost-effective method. We also offer options for respondents to complete the interview by phone with a live interviewer or by paper for employees lacking email addresses.

Describe your capabilities for extending interviews in languages other than English and/or outside of the US
Online interviews can be easily translated to any other language for an additional fee. We have in-house phone interviewers that speak both Spanish and French and we use translators for non-English calls outside of the US.
What is your average response rate for participation in interviews?
When our best practices are followed, participation rates average 65-70% when two or more methods of completion are used.

Interview Design

How is your employee exit interview typically designed?
Harnessing our nearly 30 years of experience and the latest research methods from the University of Louisville we have developed the measures and the survey content/questions that maximize the amount of data gathered in the most efficient way possible.
How many questions are typically asked during the interview?
13 – 17
Do you have a database of standard questions?
Yes, our standard questionnaire includes 13-17 questions that have been developed and refined over the past 30 years.

We do offer customization of the questions, however, for best results and to make sure the industry benchmarks remain relevant, we recommend as little deviation from those standard questions as possible.

Are we able to draft our own list of questions or add to the questions your company provides?
Yes. When we co-create questions with our clients it provides the best results. 

As part of the setup, we will provide you with our survey that has been developed during our more than 30 years of learning alongside industry-leading thinkers in regards to retention and employee engagement.

We also know that you know your people may have other data sets that you need to match the exit data to so we allow for plenty of customization. The more customized your questions are then the less relevant the benchmark data could become, but we help you figure all of that out before implementation.

Interview and Survey Process

Is the interview/survey conducted while the employee is still employed? If not, once the employee has left, how long until the interview/survey is initiated/sent?
Yes, we can conduct the interview before the employee’s last day of work, as long as we are provided with their contact information beforehand.

Once the exiting employee’s data file has been uploaded to our system, we generate a unique Participant ID# for each exiting employee. Once the ID has been set up in our system, we immediately begin sending email notifications to the exiting employee’s work and personal email addresses, if provided (upon the last day of employment, notifications are no longer sent to their work email addresses).

Email notifications will continue to be sent to the respondent’s personal email address every 3 days for 6 weeks, or until the interview has been completed.

Describe how and when the employee is notified of the interview/survey?
The employee will receive an email from us with instructions and a link to the online interview.

If the respondent’s contact information and demographics are manually entered into the portal by an administrator of the account, then the participant IDs and email notifications will be sent immediately to employees.

For employees whose information is sent to us in a term list data file, it usually takes up to 48 hours to generate a unique Participant ID. Once the IDs have been set up in our system, we begin sending email notifications to both work and personal email addresses, if that contact information is available.

What role does the manager have in the process to inform and notify the employee of the exit interview process?
HSD handles all the notifications and reminders, however, managers should make employees aware that their exit interview will be conducted through an unbiased 3rd party (HSD Metrics) and let them know to expect to receive email communications from us. In general, when managers are aware of the process and support it, the response rates are enhanced.
Does the employer need to obtain a release from the employee to allow information to be shared?
Only if text notifications will be used.
What is the process for escalating critical information as it is discovered during the interview process?
We provide instant notification, straight to your email inbox.

For instance, if a respondent’s answer states that they witnessed any illegal/unethical behavior, you will be sent an email instantly so that you can take the necessary next steps as quickly as possible.

We give respondents the option to provide their name if they’d like to be contacted by HR, or we can make it mandatory to provide their name when issues are shared depending on the account preferences.

What data or information is required from our company and at what frequency?
We only need the contact information for the respondent(s) taking the survey and all of their particular demographic information that you are interested in capturing.

We are typically sent a list of names to survey once or twice a month, depending on your organization’s rate of turnover.

Results / Data

How are the results of the exit interview summarized?
You can view the results of the exit interview through your dashboard in our individualized, custom platform, where you’ll be able to drill down on all survey results. 

You have the ability to download all survey results in order to perform your own analysis and integrate the data into other systems.

We can also provide you with customized reports as well that can be saved and populated on your site.

Do you offer comparative benchmarking information with other similar companies or companies in your client base?
Yes, included industry norms are calculated from the majority of industries. Those industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking/Financial
  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Professional Services (recruiting, technology, software, security, research, biotech & pharmaceuticals, broadcasting/publishing, legal services, and management services)
  • Real Estate/Property Management/Construction
  • Retail/Hospitality
  • Education
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Non Profit

How We Work

Get Started

  • Define the purpose of the survey.
  • Our experts will customize your questionnaire based on your needs.
  • Select the collection methods such as web surveys and phone interviews.
  • Determine demographic and reporting groups.
  • Choose anonymity protections.
  • Create internal communications to present the survey to employees and promote their participation.
  • Export employee contact information, specifically email addresses, to HSD Metrics to ensure data accuracy.

Implement the Survey Solution

  • Employees will receive a communication from HSD Metrics with passwords to access the survey and reminders to complete the survey.

Access & Analyze Your Data

  • You can access employee data immediately with our 24/7 instant on-line reporting system. You will be able to view quantitative data, improvement priorities and precise comments as they are submitted.
  • Data is analyzed by HSD Metrics and you will receive a variety of reports that include an executive summary, data sets for all reporting and demographic groups, improvement priorities and commentary sorted by theme.
  • You will also receive external benchmarks or norms, internal and historical comparisons to help observe parallels and outliers in your organization’s survey results.
  • After you have your data, HSD Metrics will provide employee communication and feedback materials to assist you in implementing changes based on your discoveries.
  • Take advantage of HSD Metrics’ action planning website and customized feedback approaches.