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At HSD Metrics, our responsive and knowledgeable team offers superior metrics tailored to help your organization focus on improving employee retention. From ExitRight® employee exit interviews to our SurveyRight engagement, stay surveys, and new hire feedback, we provide exit interviews and a variety of survey tools and tactics spanning the employee life span.



  • Review, collaborate, and approve the ExitRight® interview
  • Select data collection methods: web, paper/mail, phone
  • Map external norms, prior survey question items (if required)
  • Web site setup, paper/mail documents
  • Determine and program reporting groups and demographic parameters
  • Provide foreign language requirements
  • Setup 24/7 reporting dashboard to align with desired reporting configurations
  • Finalize internal communication support

Our unique set of employee metric offerings has a wide variety of functions to make the process of improving employee retention and automated reference checking within your organization thorough yet effective. As part of your project setup, you will be able to create questionnaires tailored to your needs but with the backing of external norms and benchmarks. HSD Metrics will provide you with a survey or interview design as a starting point and then you decide on the final content.

With the ability to define demographic and organizational reporting requirements, and even offer foreign language options to those being surveyed, the design of our surveys create an easy to use experience so you have the analysis and metrics to manage your organization’s work climate in order to achieve higher levels of employee retention.

We offer three accommodating data selection methods, including web, paper/mail and phone options, so the individual leaving your organization or the group of people you’re surveying are more inclined to participate. These methods will help your company achieve higher contact rates thus making the project more successful, so you can gather the employee metric data you are looking for. Our convenient instant online reporting of findings is available 24/7.

HSD Metrics strives to provide a user friendly setup process that will have you on your way to using key metrics to improve your hiring, retention, turnover, and overall working effectiveness with ease. For more information on the design of our metric features, please contact us today.


  • Respondent contact and reporting information exported to HSD Metrics continuously for ExitRight® exit interviews and by project or scheduled intervals for new hire feedback, stay, and engagement surveys
  • Email notifications with web link and secure passwords sent with reminders
  • Participant mailings when requested
  • Phone interviews when required
  • All notifications explain how identity is protected
  • User logins established with permissions for full or restricted access

Gathering important metrics focused on improving the working effectiveness and retention of employees within your organization can be a valuable way to help your company grow and achieve its goals. Whether you are conducting an ExitRight® exit interview with former employees, using Employee Engagement Survey’s for current employees or using ReferenceRight, HSD Metrics’ automated reference checking service, to gather references for a future employee, your notification and data collection options may be customized and selected by your company, allowing you to achieve higher participation contact rates for a successful project.

HSD Metrics’ engagement surveys, 360 feedback, and new hire onboarding surveys most often are completed by web, but we are able to accommodate paper/mail return as well. Notifications to participate are sent to the employee’s work email address. If a paper data collection method is chosen, HSD Metrics works closely with your human resource staff to find the optimal means of distributing and collecting surveys.

Because there are unique challenges in achieving high levels of participation with exit interviews, former employees are offered three different options for completing exit interviews including mail/paper return, web, and phone. Employers are encouraged to provide ExitRight® with employee’s home email address when known, as contact rates increase when notification to complete the interview is sent by email. If the existing employee does not respond to the request within several days of notification, the ExitRight® interview team proceeds to contact the person by phone.

ReferenceRight automated reference checking services utilizes emails for notification but phone may also be used when there is no email address option for the candidate or person completing the reference.

These notification groupings can be combined in the order you feel will be most successful to your project with HSD Metrics. All notifications explain how identity is protected, while the same interview is completed regardless of methodologies employed, ensuring consistency of responses. Findings for all methods are consolidated and visible at secure web portals utilizing surveyrightnow.com, exitrightnow.com, or referencerightnow.com.

Contact us today to discuss the notification option that will help your company with employee retention.


  • Total results
  • Demographic data by gender, EEOC, length of service, generation/age spans
  • Unit, region, location or function data
  • Charting of reporting group comparisons, trending, and turnover causes
  • Verbatim commentary with frequent word analysis for all reporting elements tracked on the dashboard
  • Filtered and side by side data
  • Red Flag alert, push notifications, download, and raw data export features
  • Instant notifications of compliance violations

HSD Metrics’ employee metrics offer a user friendly, live reporting website to keep you updated on the progress of your project at any time. Reports are available 24/7, giving you the ability to view your statistics conveniently anytime of the day.

Our live reporting website possesses many unique features, like an easy to follow charting system that shows a graphical representation of your reporting data, along with downloadable capabilities that allow you to customize your reports for internal use. Another exclusive aspect to our live reporting is our red flag alerting system. This reporting element is put in place to instantly notify your organization’s main contact of any unethical, illegal, or unsafe actions or conditions that surface from exit interviews.

HSD Metrics’ metric offerings help you increase employee retention with filtered data options allowing you to compile your own unique customized reports, in order to research findings among a specific work unit and demographic (i.e. why people in sales, with less than one year of service are leaving, or why nurses, in a particular unit over 50 are leaving). This feature allows you to access data from employee surveys in groups that have trends of lower performance or where there are higher levels of turnover. By filtering the reporting elements desired, you are able to gain insight as to why a specific group of people are leaving or what is causing lower levels of engagement within a particular work group or demographic.

Contact us for more information on HSD Metrics’ metric features.


  • Executive summary of findings
  • Thematic commentary analysis
  • Survey feedback, action planning designs
  • Facilitation of feedback meetings and development of action plans

HSD Metrics’ employee metrics not only give you instant reporting of findings at your password protected reporting website, but we also provide an executive summary of findings that allows you to understand the priorities for improvement. The commentary included with all of our surveys, references, and exit interviews, provides you with extensive solutions to implement for continuous improvement.

With the ability to view exact commentary from specific departments, data sets for specific demographic groupings, including external benchmarks, combined with internal and external comparisons, HSD Metrics’ metric data may be used for a variety of purposes that ultimately improves your business performance, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

Contact us today to rid your human resource department of conducting time intensive employee exit interviews and reference checking by utilizing HSD Metrics’ ExitRight® and ReferenceRight services. Measure employee engagement with employee satisfaction surveys, receive new hire feedback with our employee onboarding questionnaires or create a plan for your organization with HSD Metrics.

Our Metrics Benefit Any Organization In Any Industry

Using a combination of customized and benchmarked questions with a unique action-oriented design, we can service businesses in any field, from healthcare to retail. Companies can benefit from a deeper understanding of their employees. HSD Metrics is able to tailor the questions to your needs with the inclusion of historical comparisons and internal benchmarks within your organization, that can all be pieced together into an easily understood comprehensive report.

In an increasingly fast-paced business world, leaders must know when to outsource certain functions. HSD Metrics has created an ideal solution with our selection of employee retention metrics. This not only eliminates an enormous time burden on survey administration by your Human Resources associates, but also provides you with wide-ranging data at prices that you can afford. We offer 24/7 access to findings as surveys are completed, safe and secure reporting, no licensing, no software necessary and no user training requirements. Clients are able to view, analyze, and take action from the continuous flow of information focused on retention and improving the organization’s work climate.

Security & Technology


Integrity in Secure Technology

HSD Metrics is committed to protecting your information to ensure reliable results. We take all appropriate measures to secure our web sites, technology, and employee information required to compile data.


Employee & Participant Security

HSD Metrics employee security includes complex passwords and strict, limited access to data. All online sites are protected with Secure Socket Layer encryption.


Technical Security

Our application and servers employ secure authentication, firewalls, and virus protection to block unauthorized access from both individuals and networks.


Data Security: HSD Metrics Collection

All questionnaires completed via the web are done so through a secure web site reference and unique password. Once submitted, the individual can no longer view or alter their data.


Online Reporting Results

Data is accessible via our proprietary secure web application. Learn more about our

Measuring the work environment for employee retention and improved effectiveness with HSD Metrics’ full spectrum of exit interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and assessments is a valuable way your organization can evaluate its current processes and incorporate continuous process improvement. To gain a better understanding of how we deliver our employee metrics, our security and technology features and how we measure retention within your organization, contact us today.

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