Metric Features

Measuring Employee Retention with HSD Metrics

At HSD Metrics, our responsive and knowledgeable team offers superior metrics tailored to help your organization focus on improving employee retention. From ExitRight® employee exit interviews to our SurveyRightSM engagement, stay surveys, and new hire feedback, we provide exit interviews and a variety of survey tools and tactics spanning the employee life span. Our metrics benefit most any organization. Using a combination of customized and benchmarked questions with a unique action-oriented design, we can service businesses in any field, from healthcare to retail. Companies can benefit from a deeper understanding of their employees. HSD Metrics is able to tailor the questions to your needs with the inclusion of historical comparisons and internal benchmarks within your organization, that can all be pieced together into an easily understood comprehensive report.

In an increasingly fast-paced business world, leaders must know when to outsource certain functions. HSD Metrics has created an ideal solution with our selection of employee retention metrics. This not only eliminates an enormous time burden on survey administration by your Human Resources associates, but also provides you with wide-ranging data at prices that you can afford. We offer 24/7 access to findings as surveys are completed, safe and secure reporting, no licensing, no software necessary and no user training requirements. Clients are able to view, analyze, and take action from the continuous flow of information focused on retention and improving the organization’s work climate.


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  • Review, collaborate, and approve the ExitRight interview
  • Select data collection methods: web, paper/mail, phone
  • Map external norms, prior survey question items (if required)
  • Web site setup, paper/mail documents
  • Determine and program reporting groups and demographic parameters
  • Provide foreign language requirements
  • Setup 24/7 reporting dashboard to align with desired reporting configurations
  • Finalize internal communication support


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  • Respondent contact and reporting information exported to HSD continuously for ExitRight exit interviews and by project or scheduled intervals for new hire feedback, stay, and engagement surveys
  • Email notifications with web link and secure passwords sent with reminders
  • Participant mailings when requested
  • Phone interviews when required
  • All notifications explain how identity is protected
  • User logins established with permissions for full or restricted access

Live Reporting

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  • Total results
  • Demographic data by gender, EEOC, length of service, generation/age spans
  • Unit, region, location or function data
  • Charting of reporting group comparisons, trending, and turnover causes
  • Verbatim commentary with frequent word analysis for all reporting elements tracked on the dashboard
  • Filtered and side by side data
  • Red Flag alert, push notifications, download, and raw data export features
  • Instant notifications of compliance violations

Optional Services

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  • Executive summary of findings
  • Thematic commentary analysis
  • Survey feedback, action planning designs
  • Facilitation of feedback meetings and development of action plans

Security & Technology

Integrity in secure technology

HSD is committed to protecting your information to ensure reliable results. We take all appropriate measures to secure our web sites, technology, and employee information required to compile data.

Employee & Participant Security

HSD employee security includes complex passwords and strict, limited access to data. All online sites are Secure Socket Layer protected and we maintain separate systems for survey participants and data reporting.

Technical Security

Our computer systems and servers employ secure firewalls and virus protections to block unauthorized access from both individuals and networks.

Data Security: HSD Metrics Collection

All questionnaires completed via the web are done so through a secure web site reference and unique password. Once submitted, the individual can no longer view or alter their data.

Online Reporting Results

Data is viewed through a secure, password protected web site. The results cannot be influenced or altered by any viewer.

Measuring the work environment for employee retention and improved effectiveness with HSD Metrics’ full spectrum of exit interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and assessments is a valuable way your organization can evaluate its current processes and incorporate continuous process improvement. To gain a better understanding of how we deliver our employee metrics, our security and technology features and how we measure retention within your organization, contact us today.