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At HSD Metrics, our responsive and knowledgeable team offers superior metrics tailored to help your organization focus on improving employee engagement and retention. We provide exit interviews and a variety of survey tools and tactics spanning the employee lifecycle; ExitRight® employee exit interviews to our SurveyRight® engagement surveys and stay interviews, StartOffRight® new hire feedback, and 360Right® for leadership development.

  1. Review, collaborate, and approve the survey
  2. Select data collection methods: web, paper/mail, phone
  3. Map external norms, prior survey question items (if required)
  4. Web site setup, paper/mail documents
  5. Determine and program reporting groups and demographic parameters
  6. Provide foreign language requirements
  7. Setup 24/7 reporting dashboard to align with desired reporting configurations
  8. Finalize internal communication support

As part of your project setup, you will be able to create questionnaires tailored to your needs but with the backing of external norms. HSD Metrics will provide you with a survey or interview design as a starting point and then you decide on the final content.

With the ability to define demographic and organizational reporting requirements, and even offer foreign language options to those being surveyed, the design of our surveys create an easy-to-use experience so you have the analysis and metrics so you can focus on creating plans that increase engagement and retention.

We offer three accommodating data selection methods, including web, paper/mail and phone options, so the individual leaving your organization or the group of people you’re surveying are more inclined to participate. These methods will help your company achieve higher contact rates thus making the project more successful, so you can gather the employee metric data you are looking for. Our convenient instant online reporting of findings is available 24/7.

HSD Metrics strives to provide a user-friendly setup process that will have you on your way to using key metrics to improve your hiring, retention, turnover, and overall working effectiveness with ease. For more information on the design of our metric features, please contact us today.


Respondent contact and reporting information exported to HSD Metrics continuously for surveys and by project or scheduled intervals for new hire feedback, stay, and engagement surveys

  • Email notifications with web link and participation codes
  • Participant mailings when requested
  • Phone interviews when requested
  • All notifications explain how identity is protected
  • User logins established with permissions for full or restricted access

Contact us today to discuss the notification option that will help your company with employee retention.



  • Total results
  • Demographic data by gender, length of service, generation/age spans
  • Unit, region, location or function data
  • Charting of reporting group comparisons, trending, and turnover causes
  • Verbatim commentary with frequent word analysis for all reporting elements tracked on the dashboard
  • Filtered and side by side data
  • Red Flag alert, push notifications, download, and raw data export features
  • Instant notifications of compliance violations

HSD Metrics’ employee metrics offer a user friendly, live reporting website to keep you updated on the progress of your survey at any time. Reports are available 24/7, giving you the ability to view your data conveniently at any time.

Our live reporting portal includes many unique features, like an easy-to-follow charting system that shows a graphical representation of your reporting data, along with downloadable capabilities that allow you to customize your reports for internal use. We offer a red flag alert system to instantly notify your organization’s main contact if any comments include  unethical, illegal, or unsafe actions or conditions.

HSD Metrics’ helps you increase employee retention with filtered data options allowing you to compile customized reports, to analyze data from specific work units and/or demographics (i.e. why people in sales, with less than one year of service are leaving, or why nurses, in a particular unit over 50 are leaving). This feature allows you to access data from employee surveys in groups that have trends of lower performance or where there are higher levels of turnover.

Security & Technology


Integrity in Secure Technology

HSD Metrics is committed to protecting your information to ensure reliable results. We take all appropriate measures to secure our web sites, technology, and employee information required to compile data.


Employee & Participant Security

HSD Metrics employee security includes complex passwords and strict, limited access to data. All online sites are protected with Secure Socket Layer encryption.


Technical Security

Our application and servers employ secure authentication, firewalls, and virus protection to block unauthorized access from both individuals and networks.


Data Security: HSD Metrics Collection

All questionnaires completed via the web are done so through a secure web site reference and unique password. Once submitted, the individual can no longer view or alter their data.


Online Reporting Results

Data is accessible via our proprietary secure web application. 

Measuring the work environment for employee retention and improved effectiveness with HSD Metrics’ full spectrum of exit interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and assessments is a valuable way your organization can evaluate its current processes and incorporate continuous process improvement. To gain a better understanding of how we deliver our employee metrics, our security and technology features and how we measure retention within your organization, contact us today.

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