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Measure Work Engagement With Ease. The most powerful, culturally relevant organizational assessment that aligns survey questions with your business strategies and goals. Well-researched, and completely customizable questions allow for a comprehensive view of your organization’s level of employee engagement.



With over 3 million employees surveyed from more than 300 organizations over the past 30 years, there’s a reason why today’s top global brands choose us. Understanding what makes employees productive, engaged and happy is important.

Data-Driven Decision Making


Our interface gives you the ability to view individual reports and monitor patterns and trends without extensive training and installation.


The ability to see trends allows you to quickly recognize themes and potential areas of concern so you can immediately begin working to elicit change.


Gain access to over 20+ years of turnover data from a wide variety of industries which allows you to compare your results against industry norms.


With a variety of ways for your employees to complete their survey, we’ll help you find the best option.

Past Respondent Commentary Examples

Employee Engagement Research Study

We recently partnered with researchers at the University of Louisville to uncover what the future of employee engagement would look like, including how to best measure the experience of engagement.

Arm Yourself With Honest, Detailed Feedback

SurveyRight employee engagement surveys are a fast and effective way to make worthwhile changes within your organization. SurveyRight not only enables you to collect employee feedback, but also provides your organization with advanced analytics to help you recognize themes, create action plans and, most importantly, understand what all of the data means for your organization via our completely customizable Reporting Dashboard.

Our customized feedback approach helps you to understand the employee survey data and how to implement improvements using HSD Metrics’ unique survey design which incorporates action priorities. After surveys are completed, results are available instantly, providing companies with quantitative data, improvement priorities, and verbatim comments.

We provide you with an executive summary, data sets for your desired demographic groups, improvement priorities, and commentary sorted by themes. Based on the findings of the employee engagement survey – you will have access to robust external benchmarks, internal and historical comparisons as well as employee comments and consultative feedback support materials.

Armed with these materials, organizations can make changes to their processes and goals based on the recommendations and trends presented in the data.

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Organization-Specific Employee Engagement Surveys

Survey Process


Simple, Thorough, Web-Based Survey Process

Survey Results


Concrete Examples of the Types of Responses Received

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