Live Reporting

HSD’s Metric Features Live Reporting Methods

HSD’s employee metrics offer a user friendly, live reporting website to keep you updated on the progress of your project at any time. Reports are available 24/7, giving you the ability to view your statistics conveniently anytime of the day.

Our live reporting website possesses many unique features, like an easy to follow charting system that shows a graphical representation of your reporting data, along with downloadable capabilities that allow you to customize your reports for internal use. Another exclusive aspect to our live reporting is our red flag alerting system. This reporting element is put in place to instantly notify your organization’s main contact of any unethical, illegal, or unsafe actions or conditions that surface from exit interviews.

HSD’s metric offerings help you increase employee retention with filtered data options allowing you to compile your own unique customized reports, in order to research findings among a specific work unit and demographic (i.e. why people in sales, with less than one year of service are leaving, or why nurses, in a particular unit over 50 are leaving). This feature allows you to access data from employee surveys in groups that have trends of lower performance or where there are higher levels of turnover. By filtering the reporting elements desired, you are able to gain insight as to why a specific group of people are leaving or what is causing lower levels of engagement within a particular work group or demographic.

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