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Improve Recruitment, Engagement, Performance and Retention

For more than 20 years, HSD® Metrics has helped healthcare organizations across the United States understand their employees better using technology, data and sound research techniques. We work with hospitals, in-home care and ancillary organizations to lower turnover costs and improve retention. Today, our team serves more than 80 such healthcare systems nationwide.

We’re proud to work with: Premier Health, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

HSD Metrics can transform the way your organization conducts human resource management.

We know the healthcare industry.

When your organization incorporates the ExitRight® process to outsource its exit interviews, you have access to our extensive list of Exit Norms. These norms help you compare your employees’ pervasive “reasons for leaving” against peers in the healthcare space – and understand what high-level actions you need to take to plug holes in your employee retention strategy.

HSD Metrics gathers as much data as possible by engaging participants with standardized surveys across as many as three mediums: by phone, by email and by paper.

We strive for the highest standards for methods and reporting. We listen to the changing needs of our healthcare clients and adjust as needed. Our team works with you to combine our proven interview design with custom questions to address your biggest concerns. Designed by experts in the HR and Behavioral Psychology fields and refined over the last two decades, our surveys give you confidence that you are seeing the most and best actionable data from interviews with healthcare personnel.

Online portals that are simply useful.

Our portal combines utility, value and ease-of-use into one simple program—perfect for a healthcare system.

  • Secure and anonymous.
  • Easy-to-use online portal with 24/7 access to verbatim commentary, data trends and benchmarks.
  • Learn to parse data without extensive training or onboarding.
  • Turnkey web application with no additional software downloads or installs required.

Now, you can free your resources to act more on findings than gathering data.

How many employees leave your healthcare organization each month? We can help you make that number smaller. Call us at 877-439-9315 or contact us online for more information about implementation and cost for your healthcare organization.

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