The Process


The ReferenceRight employee reference check system follows a streamlined process to help your company secure useful information about prospective employees. Imagine knowing before you hire a candidate their strengths and weaknesses, from problem solving skills to reliable attendance. With ReferenceRight, you receive a detailed survey from previous supervisors, co-workers, or subordinates with very specific ratings. In addition, our ReferenceRight surveys ask open-ended questions that allow the supervisor or manager to offer specific commentary. You may be wondering how HSD Metrics obtains these candid references. Prospective employees complete a liability release, which allows their previous supervisors and co-workers to provide totally honest reviews without concern.


The ReferenceRight process is the ideal system for learning about the employee’s prior work experiences, skills, and abilities. Not only will you relieve your company of the burden that checking references poses, but you will also receive more honest, specific feedback. The long-term benefits include hiring more qualified candidates that meet your company’s specialized needs, freeing your HR Department to focus on more important assignments and reducing future turnover.

Reference Checking Process

  • Your recruiting team chooses a specific group of measurement questions that the prospective employee will be rated on by their previous supervisors and co-workers. There are questions with scale-based ratings in addition to open-ended questions.
  • The recruiter registers the open positions and candidate’s information into ReferenceRight.
  • An email is sent, notifying the candidate that they must enter the required reference information as specified by your recruiter.
  • The candidate supplies contact information for their previous managers, supervisors and peers. It’s important to note that the recruiter specifies which references they want the candidate to provide. The candidate also signs a liability release ensuring that previous employers can offer honest feedback.
  • An e-mail is sent to the candidate’s previous supervisors, peers, and for leadership roles, subordinates.
  • The chosen references simply fill out their ratings and comments on our easy-to-use online questionnaire. The references can see the liability release, thus allowing them to provide honest commentary and observations of the candidate’s work behavior.
  • HSD Metrics continues to send the chosen references reminders until they complete the questionnaire, thus increasing the likelihood of responses from all parties.
  • The recruiter can immediately access the references via our interface web site which is available 24/7. They now have the information necessary to make an informed decision about a prospective candidate.

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