Why Outsource Reference Checking

Outsource Your Reference Checks:HSD ReferenceRight® Automated Reference Checking

With ReferenceRight® automated reference checking, you gain trustworthy, confidential electronic references for potential hires while your HR department focuses on the retention level of your current employees.

Why Should Your Organization Outsource Candidate Reference Checking to HSD?

  • Cost

    The time and energy that most human resource departments spend collecting references costs your organization a lot of money each year. ReferenceRight® is an economical way to gather a potential hire’s references electronically while eliminating the time spent by your HR staff.

  • Consistant

    When people call references, they often forget crucial questions or receive little feedback about the candidate. With ReferenceRight® our consistent web based questionnaire ensures that every reference is asked the same questions so that you can gather information that is comparable across candidates.

Gather information that is comparable across candidates

  • Efficiency

    ReferenceRight® does not waste time playing phone tag with potential references. Our automated reference checking system contacts references by email and continues to send reminders until the references are completed and returned.

  • effective

    Our reference questions have been specially designed through in-depth analysis to provide a wide range of information about every potential candidate for your company. With ReferenceRight®, you obtain the invaluable perception of the candidate according to their previous supervisors and peers.

  • Third Party Perks

    Our automated reference checking system is thorough yet completely unbiased and focuses entirely on securing honest, reliable references.

  • Limited Liability

    Potential candidates sign a liability release form when they supply their reference information, which allows those references to provide candid feedback without fear of liability issues.

  • Secure

    HSD uses Secure Socket Layer Protection for all of our online sites.

  • Instant Feedback

    Your HR recruiter can immediately access references as soon as they have been submitted.

Learn more about ReferenceRight® and let HSD do all the work and get reference checking services you can feel confident about.