Return To Work The Right Way.

Documenting Your COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 has affected each of us in different ways, from small businesses to large corporations. As some states return to work in the days ahead, we know that many employers open their doors to staff and customers with some degree of apprehension. We understand that companies may want to implement onsite screenings and temperature checks of their employees, but may not have the necessary resources to do so. Please see the Return to Work Checklist for further guidance.

At HSD, we’d like to offer you an opportunity to go beyond meeting public health requirements and accelerate decision making on the timing and actions needed to reopen your workplace and re-engage your employees safely.

Our customizable self-assessment report tool helps employers electronically remain in compliance and informed. This pulse survey is designed to track exposures to COVID-19, body temperature, and other measures. We customize each pulse survey by industry and other relevant criteria for your business. We will track the data at any desired cadence: daily, weekly, etc.

This allows you to have a real-time regular record of employees’ symptoms and exposure.

Return to Work With Confidence 

  • Ensure your employees feel safe and supported as they transition
  • Discover a simpler way to remain compliant with safety regulations
  • Employee list reconciliation and data tracking in one simplified reporting system
  • Unlimited surveys for one low monthly fee