Be proactive about organizational turnover. Learn what motivates your employees

The modern organization understands that a healthy company culture promotes productivity, innovation and trust that results in low turnover. Therefore, it’s important to diagnose segments of your business with high turnover to determine the causes and fix the issues before they exacerbate.

Stay Ahead of Turnover

Keeping a pulse on what makes your employees happy and motivated is beneficial for many reasons.

  • Understanding why employees have chosen to stay allows you to promote good practices.
  • Asking why employees would choose to leave gives you a chance to catch trends and correct for issues.
  • Gaining an insider view on particular divisions gives you in depth insight into sentiments and trends within specific groups.
  • Conducting stay interviews allows you to demonstrate to your employees that you acknowledge their work and value their suggestions.

The Stay Interview Process

Stay interviews are not engagement interviews. In fact, stay interviews should have more in common with your exit interviews than your employee engagement surveys, because the goal is to get unvarnished, truthful answers. That’s why you’ll get the best results from a stay interview if it is conducted anonymously and from outside your organization.

  • HSD Metrics works with you to determine the process relevant to your employees and business.
  • Standardized questions allow for easy to compare, benchmarked results.
    • Anonymous surveys obtain greater participation and more honest responses.
    • Choose which interview process—web, phone or email—you prefer.
  • HSD Metrics prepares all communications.
    • A member of your HR department simply provides the employee information, we take care of the rest.
  • Gain valuable insights from reporting tailored to your organization’s needs.
    • Select your demographic and organizational reporting requirements.
  • Use your Stay Interview findings to implement business changes that reduce your employee turnover.
    • Access the Stay Interview reporting portal 24/7 to review your results, whenever needed.
    • Create action plans according to data collected by HSD Metrics to implement immediate changes.