Maintaining Employee Morale During Changes in Company Leadership

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave

“The overall morale of the company is down. A new regime has taken over and the company has lost its ‘family’ feel.”

The Solution

Every organization will experience times of change, and employee retention efforts during this period are critical to your company’s success and stability. Employees will be anxious about the change and this anxiety may be perceived as a decrease in overall morale. Change is often a reflection of the times, industry, environment, geography, management styles, the dichotomy of the individuals working together, or of those in leadership roles. Change creates stress in an organization, and if not handled properly, can undermine company-wide efforts aimed at reducing employee turnover. People who have to make a change often see it as what they will be losing instead of what they may gain.

Help your employees see the positive effects of change. Any change needs to be effectively communicated to employees for the continued retention of your most valuable workers. This will help minimize the anxiety in the organization. Following are some ideas for communicating change to employees:

• Recognize that it is not possible to over-communicate. Plan to communicate multiple times using multiple channels (e.g. face-to-face, email, letters, company intranet, and other technology-based communications outlets).
• Develop trust through communications about the change. Provide the reason for the change and help employees understand how the change will impact them.
• Ensure consistent communications. How you communicate to different segments of the organization may be different, but the message needs to be consistent.
• Facilitate two-way communication. Allow for questions and feedback and time for real discussion.
• Recognize the human element of change.

Change is never easy, but organizations can minimize organizational anxiety, decrease in morale, and employee turnover with a well-thought-out communications plan.

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