Benefits of Outsourcing Exit Interviews
The word exit is spelled out in wooden blocks.

Candid data from exit interviews enables organizations to identify why employees are leaving and how to stop it.

  1. Uncover the real issues driving turnover
  2. Identify the who, what, where, when using real-time data aggregated by your demographics.
  3. Prevent turnover using strategic, cost-effective survey methods that encourage participation and mitigate survey fatigue.

But employers who collect employee data could continue experiencing high turnover because they are not getting honest feedback.

Often, they don’t get honest feedback due to the process being managed internally.

  • Employees have concerns over confidentiality and are worried about rehire opportunities if they provide negative feedback.
  • Many employers who manage exit interviews internally have difficulty maintaining consistent delivery methods
  • With everything else human resource professionals need to manage, exit interviews take too much time to conduct effectively and the data is often too hard to analyze.

With outsourced exit interviews, human resource professionals and company leadership benefit from the following:

  • Candid, revealing responses
  • Uniform, statistically valid interview process
  • Expertly designed, tried-and-true interview questions
  • Consistently captured data, automatically analyzed

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