Improving Employee Morale During Crisis
Improving Employee Morale During Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an unprecedented amount of stress on the US workforce. Companies are rethinking strategies for staying afloat in a shifting economy, and employees are adapting to new work environments and obstacles.

For example, consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) need to enable an evolved operating model that prioritizes local decision-making in key markets, according to McKinsey & Company. These types of fundamental organizational changes require an agile and engaged workforce.

Maintaining positive employee morale during this period is critical to a company’s success and stability. As employees navigate their own concerns and emotions surrounding the pandemic, they will depend upon strong company leadership to impact overall morale.

Low morale in the workplace, if not handled properly, can undermine company-wide efforts to stay afloat during these times.

The following are some practices that HR leaders can implement to improve employee morale during the pandemic.

  • Emphasize work-life integration: As working parents are preparing for the advent of an unusual school year, give employees the opportunity to plan their own work schedules. This will boost morale in the workplace, improve productivity and engagement and cultivate loyalty to your organization. Employers seeking to alleviate the burden on working parents might even consider offering a “tutor credit” to parents with school-aged kids.
  • Develop trust through communication: Any policy changes (i.e. remote working options, in-office social distancing rules, etc.) need to be effectively communicated to employees for continued retention of valuable workers. Provide the reason for the change and help employees understand how the change will impact them. This will help minimize anxiety among your workforce.
  • Facilitate a dialogue: Allow for questions and feedback. Navigating new operational efforts and initiatives won’t be easy, but organizations can minimize organizational anxiety and decreased morale by allowing employees to share their opinions.

If you don’t have a way to collect feedback from your employees, consider using our StayRight pulse survey. We help our partners improve employee engagement by providing a means for employees to provide feedback on company policies and initiatives. And you can ask your staff to take the survey repeatedly to gauge their sentiment. Contact us today, or call us at 877-439-9315 to see how we can help.