Client Solutions

Customized surveys to fit your organizational needs

Over the years, HSD Metrics® has worked with a variety of organizations with a broad diversity of company cultures, allowing them to glean knowledge and success while giving them an outlet to outsource human resource tasks no matter what industry they inhabit. Through collaboration with each client, we’re able to critique and develop surveys that measure what matters most to them. We can work to improve your existing survey question items and reporting capabilities or start from the ground up to create new surveys and feedback processes.

When it comes to outsourcing HR functions, like exit interviews and employee engagement surveys, HSD Metrics is the partner that you are looking for. Our line of products bring to light the various pitfalls, success metrics, roadblocks and issues at the heart of successfully retaining your top talent. While outsourcing HR functions can seem a bit daunting, a partnership with HSD Metrics will offer your organization the solutions that it needs to ensure the success of each employee.

At HSD Metrics, we employ some of the top talent in outsourcing HR functions. Those individuals, combined with our wealth of knowledge and HR metrics data, will partner with your existing HR department in an effort to ensure that the heart of your organization, your employee, will be better able to effectively accomplish their tasks while remaining satisfied with their work environment and position.

HSD Metrics partners with every organization differently. Each new partnership brings with it unique challenges and circumstances. Over the years, we’ve become well adept at customizing our brand’s unique solutions in order to help a wide variety of organizations in a multitude of industries.

Custom Employee Surveys and Organizational Research

As experts in questionnaire design, data collection and reporting, we’re proficient in supporting clients with customized measurement surveys beyond our core offerings.

HSD Metrics offers custom research and consulting tools that can help your organization function more efficiently and assist in your employer branding efforts. From candidate reference checks to our ExitRight® program, HSD Metrics utilizes innovative technologies to collect and analyze a variety of organizational competencies.

When you take advantage of the range of services offered by HSD Metrics, you can unburden your HR department by providing streamlined, custom surveys from SurveyRight℠ to learn about employee satisfaction, new hire experiences, the onboarding process and exit interview responses.

The custom surveys help your employees see surveys as internal efforts. Once issues are identified through survey findings, HSD Metrics may also be asked to facilitate feedback and action planning meetings.