SurveyRight®: Employee Engagement Surveys

Measuring High Performance, High Engagement Work Cultures

The most powerful organizational assessment is one that aligns survey questions with your business strategies and goals. Customized and well-researched questions allow for a comprehensive picture of your organization’s effectiveness. SurveyRight’s Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to define reporting and demographic groups with guaranteed anonymity protections.

HSD Metrics’ surveys measure a wide range of organizational health factors, including:

Openness, feedback and communications

Continuous improvement and innovation

Employee involvement and decision-making practices

Customer focus

Company direction and strategy

Senior leadership

Performance management

Supervisory effectiveness

Work group/team effectiveness

Training and development

Safety, security, ethics, work-life balance and diversity

Recognition and rewards

Commitment and engagement

HSD Metrics sends emails to each web participant about surveys and provides them with links to our web site and frequent reminders to achieve the high levels of participation. HSD is also able to support paper surveys. Data from both web and paper returns are entered into our system to provide your company with accurate findings.

All SurveyRight programs are especially useful because they not only collect employee feedback, but also provide organizations with advanced analytics to help you recognize themes, create action plans and, most importantly, understand what all of the data means for your organization.

Surveys are a fast and effective way to make worthwhile changes within your organization. The HSD Metrics customized feedback approach helps you to understand the employee survey data and how to implement improvements using HSD Metrics’ unique survey design which incorporates action priorities. After surveys are completed, results are available instantly online, providing companies with quantitative data, improvement priorities and verbatim comments.
The reports HSD Metrics delivers to customers include an executive summary, data sets for all reporting and demographic groups, improvement priorities and commentary sorted by themes. Based on the findings of the employee survey – whether it is an Engagement Survey, Stay Interview Survey, Organizational Effectiveness Survey, or a specific targeted subject area, clients are provided with robust external benchmarks, internal and historical comparisons as well as employee communication and feedback support materials. Armed with these materials, organizations can make changes to their processes and goals based on the recommendations and trends presented in the data.


Among the improvement priorities frequently identified as important to employees are Rewards, Efficient Practices, Training, Teamwork, and Innovation. HSD’s Employee Engagement Surveys can help your company recognize the areas of improvement your employees will be motivated by.

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Why Survey?

When you outsource your employee surveys, you get more honest, detailed feedback. An employee satisfaction survey’s purpose is to get relevant feedback on your business across a wide range of competencies.

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The Process

Our simple, but thorough web based process allows employees to complete their surveys online so that you or your HR personnel can immediately access their responses and begin to observe trends and make action plans for improvement. Additionally, paper surveys can be completed and HSD will enter the response data for you.

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Sample Commentary

When choosing an employee engagement survey, it often helps to view concrete samples of the types of responses you might receive.

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For more information about HSD Metrics’ Employee Engagement Surveys or other SurveyRight programs, contact us online or call us at (800) 295-1863, ext. 101. We’re here to discuss how we can help your organization meet your business strategies and goals.

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