Common Causes of High Employee Turnover
causes of employee turnover

For employers, unnecessarily high employee turnover is something you should try to avoid. Employee turnover can be both expensive and time-consuming, as you are then required to start a new candidate search and train a new employee. High employee turnover deprives your organization of institutional knowledge because the people who leave take with them the skills and insight gained on the job.

As an employer, you have to accept that change within your company is going to happen, but you can also learn from these departing employees and their motives for leaving your company. Learn more about the common causes of high employee turnover to begin putting together retention and employee engagement strategies to help reduce your employee turnover rates.

Here are some real-world examples from HSD Metrics’ files:

Job Descriptions vs. Job Duties
The duties of the job changed over the 4 years I held the position–it transformed into more paperwork and less hands-on than I preferred.”

Employees may choose to leave their positions because their job duties no longer match the job description that they originally interviewed for. While changes and reorganization within the company are inevitable, employees may feel overwhelmed or upset about changing job responsibilities. If they are not engaged and satisfied with their position, they may not be motivated to stay with the company.

Lack of Promotion, Growth or Advancement
“I felt like there was no room to advance, considering my supervisors had been in place for over 5-6 years and weren’t looking to move anytime soon.”

You want your employees to feel committed to the success and growth of your company or organization. Professional development and advancement opportunities show your company is equally committed to the employees’ success and growth. Providing employees with advancement opportunities or opportunities to learn and improve new skills can be beneficial for your company, as well as the employee. This investment in your staff can help them to feel like an important and essential part of your operation.

Management Concerns
“Unit director was unfair and harsh, abrasive and frightening.”

If your employees do not feel comfortable in their work environment or with their immediate supervisor, they won’t stay with your company any longer than they must. Some management concerns may be easy to dissect and change, but there may be larger issues with management styles and treatment. High employee turnover can be a warning sign that you need to address management problems before they get worse or cause even more employees to consider leaving.

As an employer, you can improve your organization’s productivity by understanding the common reasons for high employee turnover and making changes to address problems. If you are interested in learning more about your company culture and employee perceptions, contact HSD Metrics® today to learn more about our organizational surveys designed to provide business owners with actionable results. HSD Metrics offers new hire, stay, and exit interview platforms that can help your business improve employee engagement, as well as employee experience and retention.