Employee Stay Interview Outsourcing

Strengthen your employee retention plan with comprehensive stay interviews and data insights.

Stay interviews have risen to prominence as a key part of organizations’ retention strategies. HSD Metrics is an expert in applying a stay interview process that are as efficient and insightful as possible.

  • Take comprehensive stay interviews using a process optimized for completions and security
  • Read verbatim commentary for contextualized feedback
  • Measure against internal and external quantitative benchmarks

Whether you plan to focus on a particular departmental issue or conduct organization-wide surveys, HSD Metrics will make it easier for you to identify trends and areas for improvement.

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Data-Driven Stay Interview Insights

Access all of your reports and findings in one convenient portal.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gone are the days of costly software installations, training and knowledge transfer issues to successfully run stay interviews at scale. With HSD Metrics, simply log in and view qualitative and quantitative data immediately. Turn “onboarding” time into analysis time.

Analysis can include following trends, drilling down by segments or reading verbatim results – ultimately what’s important is finding realistic action items and making changes. Whether changes mean re-visiting company culture or addressing a specific red-flag incident, our technology can bring that information to the forefront while you still have time to react.

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Saves time

The entire service is outsourced, including notifying employees, data collection and reporting.

Instant and secure access

The 24/7 web portal displays numerical findings for all data gathered as well as external benchmarks and commentary. Charting comparisons, filtered data and download capability are also provided.

Comprehensive in scope

Our stay interview questions are available in multiple languages and yield comprehensive data.

Robust analytics and period reports

HSD Metrics includes further analysis of trends, themes, demographic causes and organizational indicators in period reports.

Web, paper/mail, and/or phone interview options

Flexible response mechanisms generate higher returns that result in greater data integrity. The resulting data is believable and actionable.


Compare and contrast your stay interview data with our massive library of historical responses and your own ExitRight® exit interview data.


Question items and findings can be modified to meet your specific demographic and organizational reporting needs.

Red Flag Alerts

Our instruments and technology enable monitoring of unethical and illegal activity.

Easy to Use

No expensive software purchases, licensing, training, or long-term contracts to sign.

Exceptional Value

Pricing is based upon interviews completed and service option selections.

Add efficient, thorough stay interviews to your collection of HR decision-making tools – without adding more administrative challenges.

Contact us online or call HSD Metrics at (800) 295-1863 to learn more.

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