Employee Experience (EX) is a Journey, Not a Destination

Is employee engagement one of your top priorities in 2024?

According to Gartner, Employee Experience (EX) is the way in which employees internalize and interpret the interactions they have with their organization, as well as the context that underlies those interactions. Employees are unique, they have specific needs and personal perceptions, gathering individual data and insights can guide your EX action planning in a more meaningful and transformational way.

Average employee tenure has continually declined in the last decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A listening strategy supported by regular data collection will reveal the leading turnover indicators that directly impact your operating plans in real time.

Measuring turnover as a metric can be helpful, but it is also a lagging indicator of a disengaged workforce. Most best-in-class employers are collecting real-time data that enables them to prevent turnover.


HSD Metrics Engagement Survey Report Examples

Engagement Score

HSD Metrics’ Engagement Model

The New Psychology of Employee Engagement – A Psychometric Research Study

Through a public/private partnership with the University of Louisville and using an international and culturally sensitive sample, HSD Metrics identified four critical indicators of employee engagement. Dr. Brad Shuck from the University of Louisville explains more in the video below.

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