Use Exit + New Hire Surveys to Keep Talent

According to SHRM, it takes an average of 44 days, and often longer, to hire a new employee. In addition to the number of days it takes to recruit talent, there are hiring costs that could hit nearly $20,000, such as using in-house or outsourced recruiters, advertisement costs, HR and management time allocated for coordination, interviews, onboarding & training, etc.

But oftentimes, there isn’t a simple way to determine WHO is leaving, WHY they are leaving and especially for new hires, WHEN are they leaving. We are working closely with clients to connect the dots so they can develop action plans that address issues and result in reduced turnover.

Start with Exit Interviews

Exit interviews offer a great opportunity to explore who is leaving and WHY.
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Add New Hire Surveys

At least 50% of HSD clients launch a New Hire survey within about six months after launching their ExitRight survey to add insights into WHEN employees are leaving along with who and why. Supporting new hires in the early stages of the employee journey helps prevent unnecessary turnover.

Here are some of the factors we measure:

  • Recruiting, job duties, welcome, orientation during the first 45 days
  • Training, policies & practices, navigating the organization during the first 90 days
  • Company direction, supervision, co-worker relationships, recognition, diversity, workload, compensation, etc. during other stages like 6, 9, and 12 months.
  • Open-ended questions and a question to break anonymity and speak to someone are often included as well, but 100% optional
  • Talent is costly to find and retain. Most of the reasons employees leave can be controlled by the employer. StartOffRight, our new hire survey solution, can help prevent turnover by surfacing the seeds of turnover early in the employment cycle.
    exit and new hire surveys

Employers can then build on their survey program by adding StayRight–our pulse survey solution–later in the employment cycle.

Contact Us TODAY for more information, including looking at the questionnaire and discussing the execution at each important stage of the employee journey at your organization. A high-impact survey can be designed and implemented in as little as four weeks.