Employer Branding and Customization – Why Are They Important?
Women being interviewed

One of the many advantages of hiring an outside source to conduct exit interviews, engagement surveys or new hire feedback is the greater odds of getting honest, unbiased responses. Honest responses lead to better metrics. Not all outside survey metric companies are the same, however. The difference between HSD Metrics® and other outside sources is the value we bring to our customization and employer branding. We get to know each and every one of our clients and work with them to get the results they are looking for, accurately. So, why is employer branding and customization so important in the human resource metric offerings?

No one knows the inside of your business as well as you. Our first step to the process is question designing. We engage companies by asking unique and thought-provoking questions, dive into the insights the company is searching for, and work with our clients on finalizing the questionnaires.

Every detail in the process is considered with the client’s opinion in mind. For example, a client may decide to make the responses anonymous to ensure the best responses. Then, the client and our team will decide together how a former employee will be contacted for an ExitRight® exit interview.

Then HSD Metrics will set up the digital pieces for your employee retention, turnover or engagement survey metrics. This can come in the form of a 24/7 reporting terminal, a database and a reporting system. At this point in launching the process, we are very familiar with the client’s requirements. This knowledge contributes to HSD Metric’s ability to prepare customized analysis reports that highlight trends, differences, and similarities aligned with the fiscal calendar, demographic, and organizational reporting groups. The end result is the client has meaningful, relevant, and actionable information.

The level of customization in our survey and interview design reflects the true meaning of employer branding. Anyone can add a client’s branding to a piece of material, but we dive into your space and truly learn your brand, approach, company culture, and specific challenges as we search for the human resource metrics you need to run your company more efficiently. To hear more about our customization and employer branding tools, please contact a HSD Metric associate today. We’d love to get to know you!