Building Trust with Employees

“We talk about engagement. We talk about turnover. Why can’t we talk about this?”

Organizations often overlook a foundational element of their cultural core: Trust. Employee trust issues can sometimes become the root cause of internal instability, and the true culprit behind stifled growth.

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article examining what it means to build a healthy culture, Dr. Marla Gottschalk, Director of Organizational Talent at Allied Talent, points out the tenants of creating stability within organizations. In particular, she points out what stability truly means:

“…Stability demands open conversations about how the work is done, the goals and the direction we are traveling. It requires a conversation about growth and career. It also requires planning for the future (competency-wise) — even if that future is a tad fuzzy.”

Gottschalk isn’t alone. A number of commenters attributed organizational weaknesses they’ve witnessed due to lack of trust, lack of mission clarity, and the loss of true conversation between employees and their organizations. Stability isn’t a default setting. It only happens when employees and management actually communicate about expectations. And it only happens when there’s a mechanism in place to determine whether those expectations are being met.

Do you feel the same? Read the full article here and let us know.

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