ReferenceRight® Electronic References

Hire the best with comprehensive, electronic, performance-based references saving recruiters extensive time and dollars.

Procuring references from candidates who are finalists for positions can be a time consuming and unreliable process for HR department personnel. Contacting references is labor intensive and most often applicants offer selectively chosen references who convey only positive information. Getting a clear and accurate picture of a job-seeking applicant is critical to effective recruitment.

ReferenceRight is an automated reference checking process that obtains data regarding a candidate’s competences and performance consistently, conveniently and confidentially. Comprehensive questions can be customized and responses are collected from HSD interviewers, using a web-based interview.

ReferenceRight provides the following employment reference checking benefits:

Reference contact requirements are stipulated by the hiring company and may require prior supervisors, subordinates and/or peers.

Consistent, well-designed questions with applicant liability release encourages truth and participation.

Comprehensive, objective, job-related questionnaire provides data integrity.

HR personnel request references of an applicant by supplying nominal information online and clicking a button.

The person applying for the position is responsible for providing accurate email/phone contact information.

Web-based data collection ensures minimal administration time.

Important behavior and performance information not acquired through traditional background checks is now possible.

All resources are available to all parties (HR/applicant/ references) 24/7.

360° reference respondents provide a broader perspective of a candidate’s performance.

HR’s support for allowing references to be provided increases as the process is no longer time consuming and is risk free.

Here’s how our automated process works:


  • Recruiter enters position information
  • Recruiter enter contact information for candidate
  • Email notification automatically sent to candidate


  • Candidate receives email explanation
  • Candidate supplies contact information for references
  • Email notification automatically sent to references


  • References receive email explanation
  • References complete reference online

Online Findings

  • Compiled findings of references accessible at this recruiter interface website
  • Compiled quantitative findings for 10-15 core questions compared with your internal benchmarks
  • Verbatim commentary of the individual’s competences, strengths, and improvement themes


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With ReferenceRight and our automated employee reference check system, you get detailed and specific feedback from references that you choose and HSD does all of the work. Not only will you acquire superior references, but your HR department will be relieved of the burden of tracking down references and attempting to gather significant responses.

Why Outsource?

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With ReferenceRight automated reference checking, you gain trustworthy, confidential electronic references for potential hires while your HR department focuses on the retention level of your current employees.

The Process

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With ReferenceRight, you receive a detailed survey from previous supervisors, co-workers, or subordinates with very specific ratings. In addition, our ReferenceRight surveys ask open-ended questions that allow the supervisor or manager to offer specific commentary.

Sample Commentary

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Look at our sample responses to get a deeper understanding of the types of responses that we receive with ReferenceRight. These responses are real answers to the questions asked by our automated employee reference check system.

Learn more about the ReferenceRight process, benefits and why outsourcing reference checks can help your organization reduce employee turnover. View sample ReferenceRight® responses today or click here for more information or call HSD at (800) 295-1863 ext 101.