Exit Interview Vendor
exit interview vendor

For HR departments, exit interviews are a typical part of the job. This entails contacting departing employees to request their participation in the interview after they have left the company. This can be a long and drawn-out process. But with the help of an exit interview vendor, HR departments can eliminate this process from their responsibilities. The staff at an exit interview vendor makes it their number-one priority to reach out to and set up exit interviews with each previous staff member from your company.

At one hospital, ExitRight® outsourced exit interview services from HSD Metrics® gave them much needed insight into the inner workings of their hospital, the perspectives of the staff and their reasons for leaving for another job. This hospital was given the opportunity to tailor the interview questions to ask former employees about the areas that were most important to them. This included job duties, growth and promotion opportunities and compensation. The answers provided by the former employees of the hospital helped hospital executives and managers to focus on the trouble areas identified in the exit interview results.

ExitRight exit interview services offer a multitude of benefits to companies interested in outsourcing their exit interview processes to exit interview vendors. Some of these benefits include:

  • Instant Results—Because ExitRight is a web-based system, interview data is accessible to your company at any time. When previous employees complete their exit interview, their responses to questions are immediately available online.
  • Red Flag Alerts—At HSD Metrics, we know that any reference to unethical or illegal activity within your company is of the highest importance to you. Our technology provides immediate notification if there are any mentions of unethical or illegal behavior or activity in an exit interview response.
  • Reports—One of the most important features of ExitRight is its ability to provide your company with comprehensive and organized reports. These reports allow you to easily access the trends, themes and other factors that may have contributed to employee turnover.

Are you interested in working with HSD Metrics as your exit interview vendor of choice? Contact us today to learn more about our ExitRight Employee Exit Interview Outsourcing services.