3 Misguided Reasons to Use Exit Interview Providers
reasons to use exit interview providers

HSD Metrics can help clients large and small reduce turnover through expertly managed exit interviews. But if your intentions in outsourcing exit interviews are misguided, you’re unlikely to make the progress you expect. How do your motives align with those listed below?

You’re figuring out who’s to blame for your turnover.
Focusing on retention is one of the most constructive actions a business can take for its own health. Trying to identify the source of turnover is one of the most destructive. Here’s an unfortunate fact: If you’re administering exit interviews yourself and the blamed party seems just out of focus, the person they’re blaming might be you!

You just want to save money.
You will save money in reduced turnover – it’s almost a certainty. But only if you accept the sometimes hard-to-swallow truths the exit interview process reveals. Not all companies prepared to outsource exit interviews are also prepared to act on the findings.

You plan to rely on the data – heavily.
Most exit interview providers can only provide glimpses in the rear-view mirror. There’s so much more to retention, beginning even before each employee begins work. The insights vendors put forward must be considered within the organization’s context if they are to truly stick. Many vendors simply can’t deliver that depth of detail.

If you choose exit interview providers for all the right reasons, on the other hand, you’re bound to find the worthwhile results you want:

You suspect excluding HR will improve data quality.
All but the most temperamental employees try to leave companies on good terms. Eliminate the fear of repercussions by taking your staff out of the exit interview process entirely. Small companies may perceive this problem least of all – you know why your employee is leaving, right? Maybe not.

You need an organizational culture shift.
Embracing the data that exit interview providers can offer makes a statement about your organization. Employees can’t be blamed for skepticism about whether traditional exit interview information will ever be utilized. Modern exit interview systems are platforms for employee voices to be heard and valued.

You want to retain employees.
High retention equals a fortune in resources saved, but it also equals… high retention! An outstanding service provider will help you develop a plan for the entire employee life-cycle. You have the opportunity to gauge your employees’ job satisfaction from their first to last days.

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