How to Deal with Harassment in the Workplace

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave
“Although management was advised of a serious problem with harassment by a coworker, management did not intervene and instead asked me to work through the problems for ‘the good of the team.'”

The Solution
Exit interviews can be a valuable tool for any employer, especially when dealing with sensitive issues such as harassment. In this case, the former employer could have loved their job and the company they worked for, but felt harassed by a specific individual on their team and received no help from management, which ultimately led them to leave the company.

An exit interview could serve as a final outlet for this employee to voice their complaint, let off some steam, share their grievances, and finally feel heard. Even after a bad experience such as this, an exit interview can leave a disgruntled employee feeling better about the situation and the company. If a former employee feels they were treated with respect, even if it is at the end of their employment, they may continue to provide benefit to the company beyond the time frame they are employed there.

It is important to remember that past employees can serve as a valid source for referrals and can be brand ambassadors who spread your company’s vision throughout the community, even after they leave the company.

(HSD’s posts are provided by comments we have collected through exit interviews conducted in the workplace. Since we value the privacy of our clients, we have kept company names and interviewee names confidential. We hope our posts can serve as a helpful tool in reducing employee turnover within your organization.)

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