Illegal Practices in the Workplace

Actual Comments of Why Employees Leave
“Dr. Doe’s office gives out prescription samples without logging to whom they are being given. This is a direct violation of the law.”

The Solution
Employers can treat exit interviews as a way to check in on actual practices of their company, that leaders may otherwise be unaware of. Although it is sometimes hard to know if the exiting employee is simply disgruntled or telling the truth, HSD’s ExitRight® program documents perceptions on an ongoing basis using a consistent and objective format. By extending exit interviews to all who are leaving and not just some, the data becomes more reliable and valid. It becomes a continuous stream of information, alerting you to issues and concerns. In a case such as this, it may be hard to tell if the illegal activity is actually taking place without proper documentation of exit interview commentary.

ExitRight® processes include instant notification to the company when an employee selects and provides commentary on unethical practices as a turnover cause, thereby allowing immediate investigation should the comment warrant such action.

Providing a way for individuals to express concerns anonymously, such as through our ExitRight® Employee Interview survey will give you more comprehensive information about particular areas in your business rather quickly, allowing you to take swift action as needed. Taking all necessary precautions in order to keep your business safe for employees will create a positive environment, showing that you care about everyone’s wellbeing. For more information about our ExitRight® survey, or to schedule your demo, contact us today.

As a company committed to our clients, all company names and interviewee names are kept completely confidential.