Why Businesses Should Outsource Employee Exit Interviews: 5 Reasons
Outsourcing Employee Exit Interviews

Having to hold an exit interview might be the most daunting of tasks for direct supervisors and managers. This could be due to the employee holding a grudge, wanting to quit or that the supervisor or manager doesn’t want to be involved.

Thankfully, you no longer have to worry about all this. Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid the exiting process, including the interview, there are people like us who are happy to take this off your plate, save you the trouble, and provide you with useable data to help improve your business.

What is Exit Interview Outsourcing?

There are a number of reasons why an employee may choose to leave an organization, but it is difficult to understand their reasoning behind this decision unless we ask them. An exit interview is an avenue where the employee can discuss their reason for resigning and/or express their displeasure about specific issues. From the information gathered, a company can pinpoint its weaknesses and more accurately determine how to retain its employees. 

Outsourcing exit interviews provides the Human Resources team with insightful hard data to present to senior management who often want answers. This process reduces the burden on the HR team by producing legitimate feedback from exiting employees and leads to an improved company culture overall.

As a company, you may wonder what benefits there are in outsourcing employee exit interviews. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider it.

Why Businesses Should Outsource Exit Interview Services

Creating a team of people whose job is to conduct exiting interviews is not only time consuming but can cost an organization a great deal of money. Outsourcing is, therefore, a welcome, more affordable alternative that helps handle the exiting process on your behalf. Here are some credible reasons why you should outsource exit interview services.

  1. Outsourcing allows exiting employees to be fully transparent about their employment experience without fear of burning bridges within their professional network.  
  2. It is the best way of gaining comprehensive information from exiting staff without interviewer subjectivity or bias.
  3. Outsourcing exit interviews helps save time; time which would have otherwise been spent by the HR department drafting reports and holding exit interviews.
  4. It creates a positive reputation for the company. Outgoing employees appreciate the fact that their opinions and experiences are still valuable even as they leave the organization. This creates a more positive lasting impression of the company for individuals who may find their way back to the organization in the future.
  5. Exiting employees have a safe place to be heard, which helps employers preserve their company’s brand. Allowing exiting employees to vent may reduce the likelihood of those past employees posting negative reviews on online platforms potentially tarnishing the company’s reputation.

It is difficult enough conducting employee exit interviews on your own. But it’s even harder searching for a credible employee exit interview outsourcing organization to partner with.

Why Partner with HSD Metrics

At HSD Metrics, we understand your precarious position. We pride ourselves on having worked with several leading organizations, both local and international.

Our services are unique and tailor-made to suit your needs as a company. We assist you in identifying problems within your organization and helping you figure out how to combat and avoid these irregularities in the future.

Our solutions are suited for companies looking to;

  • Improve and streamline their HR departments and processes
  • Retain their employees
  • Increase the level of productivity

What Our Exit Interview Process Entails

First, we schedule a meeting where we have in-depth discussions to identify what the client needs from us. We then prepare a list of questions that we will use during the interview process that will provide our team with consistent, insightful data. Some of the tools we use during this process include software such as Grapevine and PeopleStream among others. What we do entails:

  • Contracting our experts to conduct the exit interviews
  • Asking questions expressly set to accommodate everything discussed during the preliminary meeting
  • Assisting you in analyzing any problem areas
  • Preparing a comprehensive report with the analysis and full feedback on what we gathered

Wondering why HSD Metrics should be your go-to? Some of the benefits of procuring our services include helping you to;

  • Prevent employee resignations in the future
  • Reduce costs associated with conducting employee exit interviews
  • Build a better, more cohesive relationship with your employees
  • Increase the level of productivity
  • Save time which you would have spent conducting interviews, recording and analyzing data
  • Access regular updates and round the clock customer care services

Our clients appreciate that HSD Metrics is a cut above the rest. There is an extensive set of advantages that clients access by partnering with us. Our main goals are to conduct successful employee exit interviews and provide solutions that will work for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.