How A Global Engineering Firm Utilized Employee Surveys To Address Insufficient Training

Client Case Study

The Opportunity

A mechanical engineering firm with a global team of 105,000 experts in more than 150 countries approached HSD Metrics with a need to collect data on the single most important reason employees were leaving their organization.

The Strategy

HSD leveraged their survey design methodology and analysis expertise to provide insights to the client on turnover causes.

After several brainstorming sessions, HSD uncovered that in order to determine the number one cause of employee turnover, HSD had to develop additional branching questions that would appear within the survey and were based upon initial responses without adding additional costs or disrupting the current flow of reports.


  • Address concerns almost immediately
  • Coach their employees in real-time
  • Impact employee turnover rate

The Results

After a simple analysis, it was discovered that the engineering firm’s Operations Systems and Service personnel were leaving the company due to a lack of initial and ongoing training opportunities. Their internal HR team shared the newly found results with key business leaders who, in turn, were able to evaluate the ROI in additional training opportunities for the current workforce as it related to retention and turnover costs.


Employee Retention Rate


Employee Turnover Cost Retained

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