How Penske Increases Employee Retention

Client Case Study

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The Opportunity

Convey and communicate exit data in a meaningful way to company managers.

The Strategy

Every quarter, Karyn and her team examine their ExitRight data, specifically the comments section, in order to find rich information to send to operational leaders within the organization.

Karyn’s team gets this data into everyone’s hands then has discussions around what they found before putting the action plan together.  By promoting discussion within their organization, the HR team can:


  • Provide guidance to managers
  • Implement employee retention metrics
  • Focus on data to guide future decisions

    The Results

    The multi-step process has allowed the HR team to work with company managers to see the common trends, based on quarterly data, that increase turnover across the organization. Together, they can focus on strategic tactics to increase employee retention in the immediate future.


    Employee Satisfaction

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