How Sheetz, Inc. Drives Change With Their Exit Data

Client Case Study

The Opportunity

Sheetz was looking for a way to align timely exit data and norms (benchmarks) with the needs of their organization’s senior leadership team.

The Strategy

Every six months, Polly and the rest of her team update key stakeholders on how they are performing against norm values. This allows business leaders to make the right adjustments that decrease turnover and increase productivity.

The HR team takes a layered approach to the data. By equipping District Managers with the exit data monthly they can:


  • Address concerns almost immediately
  • Coach their employees in real-time
  • Impact employee turnover rate

The Results

The layered approach has allowed the HR team to work with the senior leadership team on the broader, strategic issues that create turnover across the enterprise while working with business unit leaders on timely issues that will drive down turnover in the short term.


Employee Satisfaction

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