How A Transportation Services Company Tracked Worldwide Survey Responses

Client Case Study

An aerial view of a container ship docked at a port, serving as a transportation services company case study.

The Opportunity

How does a company with consolidated revenues of more than $32 billion, operating in over 3,200 locations and employing more than 56,000 people worldwide track responses from exit interviews? Prior to using ExitRight, the company struggled with both the delivery of exit interviews and the distribution of survey results. Their process had a negative impact on the participation rate and caused barriers that stagnated action plans.

Time was the biggest drain on the exit program’s effectiveness. There was a lag time of a month or more between exiting employees taking surveys and workgroup leaders having the ability to view the results. When the results were distributed, they were distributed in the form of reports that were, at times, too long. The team attempting to collect the data struggled to receive it and distribute it. Once it was distributed, action plans were slow to develop – if developed at all.

The Strategy

The company turned to HSD Metrics for a faster, more streamlined solution. Using ExitRight, the human resources team was now able to collect the data faster than they ever could in-house.

The team also had the ability to see survey results and generate user-specific reports in real-time. The company – a Fortune 200 – could collect, distribute and act on exit data in a fraction of the time.

The Results

With HSD’s ExitRight solution implemented, the response rate shot up from 17% to 61% which increased data quality. The amount of data better populated all demographic categories, which helped the human resource team pinpoint problem areas.

Employees and managers are now able to log in using their unique IDs and have immediate access to relevant data for analysis. Issues are identified faster and there’s more accountability for leaders to take timely corrective action. Some managers receive push reports automatically, depending on their preference.

The speed with which their human resources team can now analyze and act on exit survey results frees up time for them to run more ad-hoc or complex projects. The company can now better achieve its goal of transportation excellence while maintaining a world-class culture with increased retention.


Response Rate
Increased Analyzation Speed

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