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Retain faculty and staff while building lasting relationships

For the academic process to succeed, it’s essential to build a stable environment where students can rely on their faculty and staff members to be mentors and leaders. The reasons for turnover at colleges and universities can be endless with research opportunities elsewhere, insufficient funding, heavy work loads, lack of growth opportunities and low pay being just a few of the obstacles that hiring managers must overcome when filling positions within academia.

Excessive turnover in higher education has serious repercussions. Not only does it impact the credibility of your institution among potential faculty, it can also hamper student body satisfaction.

HSD Metrics helps major academic institutions retain their best employees and answer their biggest HR issues through exit surveys for colleges and universities. We leverage our decades of experience to do more than just give you the tools to maintain the status quo – we enable you to analyze trends, efficiently monitor responses and access data 24/7 to actively boost your college’s staff retention rate.

Create stable learning environments that prepare students for their future and beyond with ExitRight®

With all of the obstacles that careers in higher education present, it’s imperative to get to the bottom of their retention problems and track turnover trends within the college. With HSD’s ExitRight interview process, which incorporates secure, candid and anonymous exit interviews, you’ll unlock valuable insights about how your school is truly functioning.

Our expert interview design gives you a reliable barometer and benchmark to base key HR decisions. How does it work? To streamline the process, your institution’s office of human resources provides us with your departing staff or faculty members’ contact information – we take it from there. Interviews are conducted anonymously via phone, email or traditional mail at the former staff member’s convenience, which helps to maximize participation.

At the same time, the ExitRightNow portal provides clients with 24/7, real-time access to interview data. This easy to use tool features:

  • Numerical findings for all data gathered, including external benchmarks, commentary, comparison charts and filterable options
  • Downloadable reports that analyze trends and causes for turnover
  • Benchmarks backed by nearly 375,000 respondents that allow you to compare your institution’s turnover findings to other schools
  • Instant notification if sensitive subject matter is mentioned at anytime

Our relationship-based approach to technology allows us to partner with our higher education clients over the long term to address turnover trends, offer recommendations and provide industry insights that help to improve retention rates. For schools looking for a comprehensive solution to human resources outsourcing, we also offer solutions for employee engagement, new hire feedback and custom research initiatives.

Get started increasing your institution’s retention rate and get an insiders view into your school’s processes and leadership with HSD’s custom solutions. Call 877-439-9315 or contact HSD Metrics online to start restructuring your HR processes for more highly effective capabilities in your academic institution

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